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Lion’s Heat Review

Title: Lion’s Heat
Author: Lora Leigh
Series: Breeds #21
Published: April 6, 2010
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: ★★★★

The mating urge cannot be ignored...
Bad boy Jonas Wyatt knows it is fate that Rachel becomes his mate. He can sense it. He can also sense her reluctance. But she has little power over the mating heat of the Breeds. It is Jonas's destiny to claim her. And nothing will stop him from having his way.

Jonas Wyatt has been a big character throughout the series and after 20 books and short stories, we FINALLY get his story. And fans of this series will not be disappointed.
Jonas Wyatt is a master manipulator and the arrogant Director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs. And he has played a calculating cupid to many of the Breeds by sticking his nose where it does not belong. But there is a method to his games and how he has moves people around like chess pieces on a board.
When it comes to the mating, he is fast to tell others that it is nonsense and tells the male Breeds that they need to keep their mates in check. Many have commented to him that they cannot wait for the day that he meets his mate so that he knows what they are going through.
And like most of the characters in the series I knew that once Jonas met his mate he would be a goner just like the others before him.
Of course a woman that would be Jonas’ mate would have to appear cold and calculating as him in order to put up with him. And his assist Rachel Broen fits that description to a T. She is the only one that can go face to face with Jonas and live to walk away.
One thing I really like about this installment in the series is that the guy and gal have known each other for a while before they fall into each other’s arms. It’s not a love at first site. Ok it was lust at first site and then it grew into love and then a mating.
Another thing I like about this book is that it has a lot of plot to it and answers some questions that have been brought up in earlier books in the series and yet it leaves us with a few more questions that need answers. Like what will happen to Rachel’s baby later on after she grows up.
I would have to say this is one of my favorites in the series and cannot wait to continue reading this series.
WARNING: If you have not read any of Lora Leigh’s books be warned. They have very hot and explicit love scenes. (Wiggles eye brows)

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