Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Woo-Hoo! The Darkness Within Series

OMG!!! I just read some really good news on Jennifer Turner's blog about the much awaited release of Eternal Hearts. Orginally she tried to release ES in October of 2009 but ran into a few road blocks.

Bless her heart she has gone through a lot to bring it to her readers.
Anyway her agent has given her the green light to self publish the second book in the Darkness Within Series.
She self published the first book  Eternal Seduction and it was release October 31, 2008. And I've been waiting for Eternal Hearts ever since I found out she was writing it.
 But now she reports that we can get our hands on it in June of this year.
Ms. Turner has also be filling her time with When Worlds Collide: Choose Your Own Adventure story that she features on her website about some of the side characters in The Darkness Within Series.

 I will be doing a re-read of Eternal Seduction soon and posting my review. Stay tuned.


 The Darkness Within Series

Title: Eternal Seduction (Book 1)
Author: Jennifer Turner
Release Date: October 31, 2008


After living on the streets of New York City for over a decade, Logan Ellis admits her perceptions might be a little skewed. But twisted or not, there's a satisfying irony in watching a well dressed vampire stand in the middle of a ghetto alley, windblown trash scraping small circles near his feet. What she finds even more intriguing, is waiting for him to decide whether or not he's going to kill her.
Kerestyan Nelek hasn't quite made up his mind. As the Lord of New York, he can't allow a homeless drug addict, whose memories are packed with knowledge of vampiric existence, to run free in his city. It's not the first time he's been in this situation with a human, it's just the first time in thousands of years he's come face to face with one who doesn't seem to care. And that's what makes the decision so damn difficult.
What horrors would you have to witness before you went numb? How many years would it take for you to feel that way? What would it take to make you care again?
Logan's answers are simple: the worst humanity has to offer, almost thirty...and something she never expected.

Title: Eternal Hearts (Book 2)
Author: Jennifer Turner
Release Date: TBA (Tentative - June 2011)


Toni Tutoro just wants to go home. Banned from Chicago’s vampiric society after cutting a swath of violence through the city, she must now successfully complete an investigation for the Lord of Chicago to regain the right to live in her hometown again.
To ensure Toni’s safety during her probationary period, Drake Black, a feared assassin, is secretly contracted to protect her. Even with direct orders to keep his relationship professional, and his own personal vow to never get involved with a female vampire again, Drake finds himself drawn to Toni in ways he can’t explain. But unbeknownst to him, he’s tied to one of the people who drove Toni to her night of destruction.
Drake’s heritage holds the key to Toni’s survival and success, but will she be able to forgive his connection to the brutal night that robbed her of those she loved most? Will Drake be able to forget the betrayals in his past and risk taking one more chance? But most of all, can they find a way to reach each other in the darkness?

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  1. Hi, Jennifer! :) Thanks for sharing the news on your blog. I can't wait to see your review of Eternal Seduction. :)


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