Friday, April 29, 2011

Freebie Friday

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This week, Soft Apocalypse—from Night Shade Books—is our Free Fridays selection. Rather than tell you about this fantastic book myself, I’ve excerpted a portion of our blogger Paul Goat Allen’s rave review. In fact, Allen closes his review with an emphatic promise: “Bottom line: If Soft Apocalypse isn’t nominated for a Hugo or Nebula Award, I will eat the entire book page by page…”
Apocalyptic fiction fans looking for the next big read need look no further than Soft Apocalypse, the stellar debut novel from Will McIntosh. (For those of you not yet familiar with McIntosh – a psychology professor at Georgia Southern University – he is a supremely talented young writer, having already written some exceptional short fiction, including the Hugo Award winning “Bridesicle.”)
Many apocalyptic novels are set in a world devastated by a sudden, unexpected cataclysm – a nuclear war, a meteor strike, a pandemic, etc. – but McIntosh’s end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it is decidedly soft. Set in and around a near-future Savannah, Georgia, the end of humanity arrives slowly, almost unnoticed by a populace too preoccupied by surviving in an America beleaguered by an almost 60 percent unemployment rate, frequent blackouts, water shortages, eco-terrorism, etc.


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