Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BDB News

from Ward's Facebook page....

"It's official! The name of Tohr's book is LOVER REBORN! It's coming out end of March/beginning of April next year!"   

Can't wait for Tohr's book. Any thoughts or predictions?

Wonder if he will get with X's mom?


  1. I'm so freaking excited! Although I'd totally push Thor's book back to get Blay & Qhuinn's! Just sayin!

  2. *sigh* A whole year until another BDB book! My heart can't take this wait! The least she could do for us is give us the long awaited Qhuay novella before the next book!

  3. I really thought Blay and Quinns would have been next since they were talked about a lot in the last book and Tohr wasn't even mentioned.


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