Sunday, May 1, 2011

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. It showcases new books that I've purchases, checked out from the library, or received for review.

I went shopping for some up coming giveaways/hops and I hit the jackpot in the bargain sections at B&N and BAM this weekend. There was so many good books to choose from but I had to stick to my budget. But I was still able to get 3 great books.

LUCINDA, DARKLY by Sunny (paperback)Release Date: August 7, 2007
Erotic Paranormal
Demon Princess Chronicles#1

For centuries, Lucinda has endured her agonizing reality. As daughter of the High Lord of Hell,she rules over nothing, retrieving the occasional wayward demon and feeding off of the savage Monére—of whom she was a member before she died.
Then she encounters the Monére warrior Stefan, who offers himself to her. She is moved beyond measure by her desire for him—and soon finds herself drawn back into the heady eroticism of the Monére. There, she must carve out a home between the jealousy of the dead and the violence of the living, if she is to keep her newfound love—and life…

Dead and Loving It by Mary Jancie Davidson (paperback)
The Wyndham Werewolves meet Betsy's clan in this 4-novella anthology:
-Santa Claws
-Monster Love
-There's No Such Thing as Werewolves
-A Fiend in Need
Full of humor, this novella includes four different, but related stories. Included in the book are MaryJanice's much loved characters including the Wyndham werewolves, Queen Betsy and King Sinclair.
Many Bloody Returns Anthology (Charaline Harris, Kelley Armstrong and more) (hardcover)
This patchwork anthology of 13 new vampire stories proves that heavyweight contributors can give some substance to a relatively slight theme. Harris (the Sookie Stackhouse novels), Kelner (the Laura Fleming mysteries) and 11 other writers with serious vamp credentials craft stories around the concept of birthdays for bloodsuckers. Most of the tales only blow out candles in passing, as with P.N. Elrod's Grave-Robbed, which mixes pathos and comedy as vampire PI Jack Fleming busts a phony medium mid-séance, and Tanya Huff's Blood Wrapped, in which Henry Fitzroy's search for the ideal gift for a vampire's 40th mixes with his pursuit of a human kidnapper. Christopher Golden takes birthdays to heart in his poignant coming-of-age story, The Mournful Cry of Owls, while Kelley Armstrong proposes in Twilight that a vampire's real birthday is the date of transformation from mortal to immortal. Fans of the many series vampires on parade here will be undeterred by the variable quality of their adventures.
Remember these are GIVEAWAY books so if you are interested in them keep checking back with me to see when they are offered.

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