Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mini- Review: Lap Dance

Lap Dance 
by Sally Painter
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Cat's last task in the Extreme Challenge is to give a lap dance to a stranger. Simple-until she landed on Grant Evanston's lap. Now she's a pulsating wreck each time she rubs against him. The new challenge is to not have an orgasm in front of everyone.

Grant needs a woman to accept his true gargoyle form before sunrise or he'll be imprisoned in stone for another twenty years. His extreme challenge just became to not rip the scant costume from the curvaceous Cat. The sexy redhead has set him on fire and there's only one way this teasing lap dance can end.

This is a super HOT short story about a girl named Cat, that has to complete a lap dance as part of a challenge to win a new car. It starts out in a club with Cat and her friend Pam taping the dance.
After Cat runs away embarrassed by her acts during the lap dance, Grant finds her at her apartment. Then things really get hot and there is an unexpected paranormal twist to the story.
I've been reading a lot of urban fantasies lately and was needing a smut fix and remembered that I downloaded a lot of shorts from the Naughty Nooners series a few months ago and picked this one to read. I recommend this to anyone that loves to read smut and that might be stuck in a reading slump.


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