Saturday, May 21, 2011

Title for Book 6 in CV series?!

From Chloe Neill's Facebook page.....

Comment: Cool and haunting! (Makes note for CV6, BITING COLD).

(Picture and link that the comment refers to)

This color photo, dating to 1943, is part of a Library of Congress collection that I've posted shots from before. This one is just lovely. And I'm also pretty sure that I know where this train shop building is located. If I'm right, it's one of the massive Santa Fe RR buildings near Topeka's Oakland neighborhood, right across from Our Lady of Guadeloupe church. Today, there's a road bridge that takes you over the top of the rail yards, so you drive into Oakland at almost the level of those upper windows. I always did want to see what was inside!

(link she posted)


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