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Review: Dead and Loving It

Dead and Loving It by MaryJanice Davidson
4-novella anthology
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson has enchanted readers everywhere with her delicious blend of wicked humor, sizzling sex, and a totally unique vision of vampires and werewolves. Now, in the collection of four sensual novellas, worlds collide when she brings her beloved Wyndham werewolves together with the vampires ruled by Undead Queen Betsy Taylor. In three of her most popular novellas, the Wyndham werewolves find their prefect-sometimes reluctant!-mates, whether mortal or immortal. The collection culminates with the highly anticipated original story of feral vampire George the Fiend, as he meets the only female who can tame the beast within-a lovely werewolf. Filled with equal parts of spicy heat and laugh-out-loud moments, this collection will drive you wild with blood-pounding delight.


Santa Claws

In this short Alec Kilcurt, a Scotland werewolf, is visiting Boston to pay homage to Michael Wyndham's new born child. While Alec is on his way to his hotel room to get ready to head back home, he smells fresh ripe peaches on the street. His search for the source of the smell leads him to a human woman standing out front a store in a Santa suit ringing a bell.
Giselle Smith is almost knocked off her feet when this tall and handsome man approaches her on the street and asks her out to lunch. She can't image what is wrong this guy, why would someone as gorgeous him want with a short and chubby gal like herself. But she agrees to meet him on her lunch break.
One thing leads to another and the couple end up spending a night of wild sex together. Alec insists on Giselle going back to Scotland with him. And he is shocked to find out that his secret, of being a werewolf, is no surprise to Giselle.
This a funny and sexy short about a werewolf finding his reluctant mate in a Salvation Army Santa.

She slipped her hand up, down, up, down, with excruciating slowness, with all the care he had shown her a few moments ago. She wasn't terribly experienced, but she was well read. She'd been buying Emma Holly's books for years. "That's why you shouldn't mess with a bookworm," she whispered in Alec's ear. "We know some pretty good stuff." ~ page 49

Monster Love

In Monster Love we meet Janet Lupo, a werewolf attending the wedding of Alec and Giselle, the couple in Santa Claws. After leaving the wedding in a foul, Janet walks around in search of a diner to eat at when she notices some Monkeys (derogatory term werewolves use for humans) following her. She decides to have some fun with them but instead she is interrupted by another guy. The guy in question is Richard Will, a lonely vampire out for a drink.
Richard is smitten with Janet after she does not response to him like other women do after seeing his fangs. She doesn't cry for help or runs away from him, she insults and knocks him out. 
After the two spend a little time together talking and have a few jokes over them being meant to be since their names are Dick and Jane, Richard asks Janet to have dinner with him the next night and to her surprise she agrees.
After Jane gets a call from her pack leader that she needs to meet with him ASAP, Jane doesn't even have time to leave Dick a note that she has to leave and will most likely miss their date. But as Jane is trying to get a cab is knocked out. She awakes tied to a bed with a pissed off vampire in the room with her. 
Misunderstanding why Jane was leaving town, Richard kidnaps her and will not let her go until she agrees to be his mate.
The couple has some funny and sexy scenes through this short but I had a little bit of a problem with the light heartiness about the fact their 1st time together where Dick actually starts out raping Jane.

He popped open the clasp on her bra-stupid front clasps!-and with odd care, gently tore her panties down the middle. She hissed at him. Twelve bucks at Victoria's Secret! The bitch's secret was that she marked up her underwear by six hundred percent! ~ page 97

There's No Such Thing as Werewolves

This one is about a blind doctor that just happens to also be a werewolf, named Drake. Being blind is seen as a weakness in the pack so Drake left the pack life when he was young to live among the Monkeys, I mean humans. 
Drake meets a street waif named Crescent, while he is being mugged. After he beats his muggers he is taken back by the fact that he can actually see Crescent and not just get an impression of her by her smell like he does everyone else.
The next time Drake runs into Crescent his wolf form and she is standing on a roof top about to jump but he stops her. After Crescent wakes up to find the good the guy from the mugging the night before, he takes her out to breakfast where they properly introduce themselves. Drake learns that Crescent's last name is Muhn (Moon) he tells her not to worry about her name since his is just as bad, Drake Dragon. They both have a laugh over the fact that they have cartoon names.
Even with their age difference, Drake being 40 and Crescent being 24, they share an attraction. Drake invites Crescent to come stay with him so she doesn't have to return to the shelter she has been living in. She agrees after he reassures her that he will not kill her in her sleep.
Like the other two stories this one was a light fun read where a werewolf doctor finds his mate in a younger street waif with a secret of her own. Jane and Dick from Monster Love makes an appearance.

maryjanice-davidson-undead-and-unreturnableA Fiend in Need

The events in this novella takes place after Undead and Unreturnable.
If you have read the Undead Queen Betsy series then you will be familiar with the characters, Garrett, aka George the Fiend, and Antonia the werewolf that can't change into a wolf. We get to see more about how Antonia and Garrett get together. This reads as deleted scenes pieced together to make a novella.  Betsy, Jessica, Marc, Sinclair and Tina all make appearances.

I recommend this collection of novellas to anyone that is a MaryJanice Davidson fan and to anyone that hasn't read her books. This is a very fast, funny and light read. You don't have to know anything about Queen Betsy or the Wyndham werewolves to enjoy the stories.



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