Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Scandal at the Farmhouse

Scandal at the Farmhouse
by Cody Young
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A seductive romance set in Victorian Britain; an aristocrat’s daughter plans to rid herself of all men, only to find that she’s fallen for a charming but completely unsuitable one. Nineteen-year-old Clara never meant to try to ensnare Ned, but she's fallen into a trap of her own making. The dangerous kiss that was meant to set her free now holds her tight. Should she try to escape?


Scandal at the Farmhouse may be a novella in size but the story is worthy of the size of a true novel. Ms. Young does an outstanding job of telling the story of young Clara's complex life, in a time where women are seen as property that can be bartered over like livestock.

Clara is naive when it comes to the relationships between men and women. She was once happy about the idea of marry Major Braithwaite. But once she starts receiving letters from her older sister, Olivia about how she is unhappy in her own marriage. Clara starts rethinking her upcoming marriage.

One day while Clara is reading one of Olivia's letters in the meadow between her family's estate and the neighboring farm she meets Ned, the new owner of the farm. Ned is taken back my Clara's boldness in her casual greeting of him when they first meet. He finds her refreshing and lovely.

The two quickly becomes friends, meeting daily for talks about farming and books. But Ned hears the news of Clara's impending marriage to the Major. Once they start talking about it he learns that she doesn't want to get married.

Clara comes to Ned as a friend with a request to help her get out of the wedding to the other man. And that's when things start getting messy.

This was a quick and enjoyable read. I've not read many historical romances but ones that are written like this is not the bore that some of them can be. It's not bogged down with the 1800s language so much that you need a translator. Scandal at the Farmhouse was a nice change of pace from my normal tie of reading and I would definitely give other of Ms. Young's books a read.



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