Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Styx's Storm

Styx's Storm (Breeds Series #22)
by Lora Leigh
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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To save innocent, young Storme Montague from the claws of Breed slave traders, Wolf Breed Styx is forced to claim her himself-on the condition that Storme will no longer be a virgin by night's end. And though Storme's defenses are up, Styx will free her-in ways she never expects.

Storme Montague has been on the run for 10 years after seeing her dad and brother killed by a Coyote Breed during a rescue in the labs they worked and lived in. But before her dad sends her away to safety, he trust her to guard important research on a data chip. Once the Council realizes Storme and the clip are no were to be found they send their Coyote soldiers after her.

Storme has always disliked the Breeds because she feels that her dad loved them more than he loved her. So when Jonas Wyatt, Director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs, tries to offer her help over the years she refuses.

One night when Storme ducks into a bar to get a few minutes of rest from running she comes eye to eye with a small group of Breeds that she knows has been following her for months. In her attempt to slip out the back door of the bar she runs into one of the Breeds. She can't believe her luck when he appears to no know who she is and asks her to dance. One thing leads to another and the two spend the night together after the Breed helps her get away from two Council Coyotes.
WARNING: This book contains one hot Breed male
with a unhealthy obsession with chocolate.

Styx MacKenzie is the sexy Scot Wolf Breed that picks up Storme at the bar. But is he no fool when it comes to Storme. He has been watching her for a while and finally gets lucky in his chase to catch her. And now that he has her, he will not give her up.

Styx is known for his love of women. He is seen in the public eye as a playful ladies man. But Storme stars to see there is more to this Breed. Styx slowly breaks down Storm's hatred of Breeds and shows her that running is no longer an option.

This installment is the series is one of the hotter ones. I mean they all have hot sex scenes but this one really had me going. I think it was all the talk Styx was doing about using chocolate on his mate. Yum, who could say no to a sexy man that has an obsession with chocolate and making his woman happy in bed?

I'd recommend this book to anyone that is a Lora Leigh fan. Even though this is the 22th book in the series it is still entertaining. Hot sex scenes aside, the overall plot about the war between the Council and the Breeds is really evolving and keeps me coming back for more to see what happens.


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  1. I love Lora Leigh books, cause lets face it, no one writes a sex scene like Lora Leigh. But I must confess, I am kind of wanting this series to wrap up now. 22 books in and still no closer to finding out all of the secrets.


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