Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Witch Heart

Witch Heart (Elemental Witches #3)
by Anya Bast
Paranormal Romance
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With the immense powers of an earth witch, Claire isn’t destined to be a demon’s handmaiden. Yet this has been her fate since she was six, when her warlock mother brought her to Eudae. Now as an adult, she’s about to discover her true power—and how far others are willing to go to take it away…

As part of a mission with the Coven, Adam Tyrell rescues Claire from her enslavement—and finds himself immediately taken with the beautiful witch. But this charming playboy soon learns that it’s easier to steal Claire from demons than win her heart, for her life as a servant has ravaged her spirit. But with Adam determined to protect her from the warlocks who want to harness her magick for evil, Claire’s resistance starts to give way—and they find themselves in the heat of danger, surrendering to the lure of their deepest desires…


Witch Heart is a moderate read, but it's not my favorite in the series. I actaully started skimming the book toward the end because I got tired of all the running that Claire and Adam had to do in order to stay out of the reach of the Atrika demons, Tevan and Kai.

I get that the Atrika are these badass demons but really two of them against a large group of witches and on that is as powerful as Claire; they should have been able to stand their groun a little better in my opinion. But aside from that, the book was a pretty good read.

Like most couples in romance books, Claire and Adam had their own baggage they had to work through in order to get their HEA. So the romance was predictable and the sex scenes were hot.

What I liked best about this installment in the series, was the closer look at the world of Eudae, where the four races of demons live and the origin of the demon half of the witches.

If you liked the previous two books in the series (Withc Fire & Blood Witch), you will want to read this one as well since the overall plot between the demons, witches and warlocks continue.


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  1. I've been meaning to start this series - I hear very good things about Ms. Bast's writing. I've got the first two books, I need to bump them up my TBR pile!


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