Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming Up This Season on True Blood

A sneak peek of what's to come on True Blood.

In the Coming Weeks: Sneak Peek

  • Holy Crap! Looks like a lot of action is coming up. I think my theory about Tara becoming a "vampire slayer" might be coming true. The whole part with Sookie in what looks like a graveyard has me channeling my inner Buffy fangirl.
  • Looks like we are going to get the Debbie and Sookie fight. Blow that white trash bitch away!
  • How dare Bill call Eric a lair when he did the say thing to Sookie. ASS HAT!
  • WTF is up with Lafayette's hair this season?! And was he holding a baby? Maybe Arlene's? I think whatever Holly gave her to drink last season when she wanted to get rid of the baby did something to it.
  • They are differently taking libraries with this season from the book. Not really a bad thing (yet). 
  • We might get to see some Jessica and Jason action. I was wondering after last week if he would be having dreams about her after drinking her blood and after seeing a preview for this week it looks like Jessica and Hoyt might be having more problems. (see below)


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