Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sharing Nook Books

I know some of you have Nooks like I do; so I'm working on putting together a shelf on my Goodreads account for just my "Lend Me" books. 
All you have to is click on the link LEND ME LIST under the I Heart Nook pic on the right side bar . 
Just email me if you want to borrow a book.
I'll try to keep it up to date. So when someone request a book I'll take it off the Lend Me shelf.


  1. Well thats really awsome of you,,,,I have a nook with a few lendable books,,,coarse I just started my library so I dont have to many,,lol it sucks that all books arent lendable..
    but I would be willing to do the same with you,,,
    you got this idea of what I said about Backstage Pass huh? lol

  2. I've actually shared with others in some of my Goodreads groups. LOL But I thought I'd feature it here too.


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