Sunday, July 3, 2011

True Blood S4 E2

No review for tonight since I watched Ep #2 last week after the premiere. But feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section in case you are watching for the 1st time tonight.

If you didn't see my "review" last week you can read it HERE.

Until next Sunday!

If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?

Sookie makes a deal with Eric and reconnects with Alcide; Bill punishes an errant vampire and counsels a guilt-ridden Jessica; Jason is cast as a reluctant savior; Tommy eyes a scam and alienates Sam; Marnie flexes her newfound powers; Pam delivers an ultimatum to Lafayette, Tara and Jesus; Eric spoils Sookie's faerie reunion. 


  1. Bill is definitely showing his bad side now um not sure what I feel about that.

    Eric 'sigh' love the his big bad self and the end oh I am anxious in how they play his loss of memory out- can't wait for Sookie/Eric action

    One more week til we see Alcide yay, wondering where he is fit in this season as well.

    I am still wondering about about Luna and this anger management group- everytime Sam hooks up something bad happens well could say that for Sookie too LOL.

    Tara pissed me off, attacking Eric I know why she was doing it but seeing the previews I don't think I am gonna be liking her much this season.

    I love this side of Jessica/though I do like her with Hoyt just its fun to see this side of her.

    and Pam I love her more every week.

  2. I gotta say, I don’t like how Sam’s character is turning out in the show….I think it’s just SO different from the book that I get irritated…I know THE ENTIRE show is totally different, but I’m not very pleased with the direction sam is going…..I watched it last week on HBO Go too…now I gotta wait for next week’s episode….at least I’m not the only person hopelessly addicted to True Blood….
    Book Savvy Babe


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