Sunday, July 24, 2011

True Blood S4 E5: Me and the Devil

Me and the Devil:
Sookie nurtures Eric; Bill gets involved personally in the necromancy crisis; Pam takes the veil; Sam becomes Tommy's accomplice; Arlene and Terry look to religion to solve their problem; Jesus and Lafayette head to Mexico to harness a shaman's power; Jason convalesces.

  • FINALLY - Sookie and Eric kiss. I know it's not the 1st time but still...
  • Poor Pam.
  • Tommy finally offed Joe Lee. Although I believe the momma was just as bad as Joe Lee; I do feel a little sorry for Tommy about him killing her.
  • Bill did make me laugh this week with the whole Portia running and screaming.
  • Tara's momma did marry the reverend like she said she would last season. Arlene "You People" LOL. What a dumbass.
  • I don't blame Tara for running out on Sookie. Probably one of the smarter things she has done. But I'm sure next week she will do something stupid again.
  • WTF with Lafayette's hair? Did they buy hair weave by the ton and now that Tara's not wearing it they have to use it on someone else?
  • Jason having a dream about Jessica and ended up with Hoyt on top of him. LMAO!!! Oh my gravy.
  • Wonder if Alcide and Sam will work together on the pack leader. He's Sam new woman's ex.
  • Looks like Bill might be walking in on Sookie and Eric next week??


  1. I thought it was pretty funny too when Bill told Pam that maybe a little lipstick would help her face. LOL

  2. As usual I loved all the stuff with Eric, YAY they kiss I loved it just wish it was longer and I have a feeling they don’t get far before jealous Bill storms in – part of me now wishes Eric hadn’t bought her house cause then he wouldn’t have been able to enter her house.

    I am worried Bill is ordering or so it seems Eric’s true death and if he even tries it- Sookie I hope will never forgive him cause I know I won’t. I know Eric isn’t going anywhere but just the thought angers me.

    I actually felt sorry for Tommy too, he did love his mother though she didn't deserve it.

    UM interesting part with Alcide are we gonna get the Were war to or is this just a taste?? Oh and yes he looked mighty fine in that tank :)

    The dream cracked me up with Hoyt, Jason and Jessica.

    I am honestly not caring for Tara wish she would go back to New Orleans but I have a feeling Noami is going to come to Bon Temp.

    I enjoyed this episode not sure how I am feeling about the next one coming up.


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