Friday, July 15, 2011

True Blood Sneak Peek: I'm Alive and On Fire

HOWDY, Alcide!!
Ep. 40 Clip - Alcide Comes to Sookie's Aid

Bill is really becoming an ass hat.


  1. I totally hate hime anyway! Glad Alcide is back...yummy...He was my feature last week on man candy monday. Stop by if you get a chance!

  2. UH Oh Eric is gone, um yea I must say they could have stayed on Alcide just a bit longer before he shifted :).

    Bill oh I am thinking I wanna slap you grrrrr he is such a = you put it perfect asshat!

  3. I didn't like Bill much in the books but I really don't like him in the show. I don't see how he can come back from being such an asshat(great word for him, BTW).
    I must say that Eric is looking even better this season. I just want to watch Eric and Alcide all hour. That would make me pretty happy :)


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