Sunday, September 11, 2011

True Blood Season Finale SPOILERS!

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WOW!!! WOW!!!

Ok I'm claimed down now.

First let's start with the ending. Did NOT see Tara getting her head blown off coming. Can't say I'm sad about it. But WOW.

I wondered about Sookie having the Gran flashback. Guess that kitchen was just meant to have blood all over it. (If I was Sookie I would move!)

I totally predicted Russell and/or Steve coming back. And I knew that Steve would be a vamp. Glad Jason opened the door before he invited someone in.

Oh and Pam. I loved her rant about someone with a stupid name like Sookie. LOL

I knew when Nana called Sookie a Faerie that she and her gay Storm Troopers were dead.

Poor Lafayette.  Loosing Jesus like that and now Tara.

So who was the wolf that was going to attack Sam? Is Marcus not really dead or is it some pissed off pack member?

I've always wonder about Terry ever since season one where he tells Sookie that no one listens to him even when they should. I wonder if he will some kind of paranormal thing going on with him. Like maybe the army did test on his platoon or something.

Love Jason and Jess together. Hot Red Riding Hood action.

So with the true death order on Bill and Eric and Russell running around, there should be some good times ahead for next season.

I was a little disappointed in this season. The last two episodes was the best out of the season.

Best quote this week: "We are not puppy dogs" ~ Bill

What was your favorite parts of this season?

What are your predictions for next season?

Of course with TB ending I will not have any new "reviews" until next summer. But join me on THURSDAYS for Vampire Dairies "reviews" starting this Thursday! I can't wait.


  1. I was definitely SCREAMING at the television when I saw Taras brains explode from her head. She was one of my favorites. I loved her and all her CRAZY face. They really need to stop killing all my favorites. HOPEFULLY, only a little bit of her brains leaked out and we start the next season with Eric or Bill SAVING Tara and maybe turning her... But, I don't think that's really gonna happen :(

  2. I agree with monkay. I would LOVE to see Tara turned into a vampire. After everything that she has been through with the vampires, I think she would make a great vampire out for revenge on the world.


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