Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Ok, let me start off by saying that I often laugh at the most inappropriate times....

Wigs, hair, makeup was better in this one. Acting, well it is was it is.

Wedding and reception was good. I've seen where others thought that the toasts went on and on. Not so such, IMO. I liked the humor added in with the toasts. All though I did have a WTF moment with Rene's "toast". That woman is just nuts.

Honeymoon was pretty much like in the book, which was a good thing. I don't want to see Rob naked! Taylor on the other hand....

Cheesy Moment #1 - Wolves "talking" to each other. I know they had to do it somehow but it was still cheesy.

They did an excellent job at making Bella look weak and sick during the pregnancy. At the end she was just gross looking.

And we come to the part where I LAMO. The birthing scene. It was gory and yet I laughed and laughed. Now let me give a little back story on this, a friend had went to the midnight showing and then posted on her Facebook page "Best Twilight everrrr!!!!! Jacob was mesmerizing...." then someone commented "Edward was as well. Especially when he chewed through her placenta!!!" With that thought in my head I laughed again when Edward was holding the bloody baby and I pictured him tearing into her with his teeth and saying Nom Nom. Then I had vision of Rose bring her back into the room while licking the last of the blood off the baby. (See I have a sick sense of humor)

Cheesy Moment #2 - Jacob imprinting on the baby. The whole seeing her grow up in a flash and the fake CGI baby face. I was envisioning those creepy E-Trade baby commercials. I thought she was going to wink at him and start talking. I did like the moment the flash was over and he dropped to one knee.

Since this was my least favorite book in the series I went into the movie with low expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm really looking forward to the second part to see how they do Bella as vamp and hope that we get to see some of the humor from Emmett and Rose vs Jacob that was in the book.

I give the movie a B-.


  1. Oh, you just made me LOL! That was great:)

  2. That is sooooo funny! This was also my least favorite book in the series and wen't in with low expectations and I was surprised how it turned out. I'd have to say they're were some cheesy/dumb moments but I have to say that this is the first of all the movies I am 100% satisfied with! I didn't think they cut out too much and it was the closet one to the book in my opnion. There were a few things I didn't like but the they did great and a few times brought tears to my eyes. =DDDDDDDDDDD

    I'd go to the movie again just to see the ending again. I felt like I missed some of it!

  3. This was the least of my favorite of the books as well and I was really happy how close they were to the book with this one. Yea there were some cheesy moments but overall I think this was the best of all the movies so far and can't wait for part too.

    I agree I hope they add some of the jokes/barbs with Jacob and Rose that is hilarious in the book.


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