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REVIEW: Saved by One, Shared by Two

Saved by One, Shared by Two
Saved by One, Shared by Two
by Sylvia Ryan
Published September 2011 by Siren Publishing
RATING: ★★★1/2
Survival…that’s all Julia was hoping for when she set off alone. The EMP left nothing working and civilization crumbled rapidly. Her plan to flee to safety failed and she lay dying when Arden found her. He brought her home and saved her life.

Julia had no choice but to wait out the winter with sweet, sexy Arden and his seductive best friend, Ben. She tried to ignore the sexual tension and constant temptation of living with the men, but eventually she gave in to each man’s seduction.

When both men came to the realization that they were in love with Julia, their lifelong friendship prevented them from competing for her. So, a deal was struck between them. She would accept and love them together, or not at all.


When I was contacted by Sylvia Ryanfor a review request I thought, cool a smut book, I’ll give it a try. But I was surprised that Saved by One, Shared by Two had some backbone.

After Arden finds Julia close to his farm near death he takes her in to care for her. Which anyone that has read a romance book can see that the two will start having feelings for each other.

But what I really enjoyed was the plot about how the US is plagued with an end of the world situation when an electronic pulse hits taking out everything electronic. No water, lights, heat, cars, etc. That’s why Julia was near death when Adren found her. She, like many others, was running to a save place and hiding from raiders that was killing people for their food and weapons.

Once Julia is back on her feet the attraction between her and Arden starts heating up. Then enters Ben, Arden’s best friend, who is returning home to the farm next door when he sees Julia and starts lusting after her too.

Saved by One, Shared by Two has a great mix of action, suspense, romance and smuttiness. There is so much love and lose in this book that I was on an emotional roller coaster. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a great story with their smut.

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