Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alternative to GFC

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Thanks to the lovely and informative Parajunkee, I see there is an alternative Google Friend Connect (GFC). And even though I do use Blogger for my blog I want to show support for all my Wordpress friends and add the Follower link to my site so that you have another way to follow The Book Nympho. (And who knows GFC might be taken away from us Blogger users in the near future.)

So if you don't mind take the time to follow through the Linky Follower widget located on my sidebar just above the GFC widget. (or below for your convince)

And don't forget to check out Parajunkee's POST on the subject and follower her as well. She is also hosting a giveaway.


  1. Awesome! I'll have to check this out...thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing, I have WP so, I've been w/out GFC for a little bit...

  3. I actually don't think it works as a good alternative. ;o The plus with GFC was that it took your feed to blogger dashboard AND google reader. This is basically like G+ that you upload your post and people can read it on yet another dashboard. It's apparently not even automatic upload either... I won't be using it and I'm on Wordpress. I was something that's easy for reading posts and not to show numbers only. :/

    1. I'm toying with the idea of moving to WP in a few months, so I'm going to give it try.

    2. I guess I don't see how it's better than what's already out there. Both NetworkedBlogs and Bloglovin works the same, except they upload the posts automatically. And FB page. Then G+ works like this one basically. So not really an alternative to GFC, as much as yet another way to click a button. ;p


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