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Stacia & Stacey Giveaway Hop

In celebration of the release of 
Sacrificial Magic and Blood on the Bayou.

Winner's choice of one AUDIO book from 
the Downtown series by Stacia Kane

Unholy Ghosts | [Stacia Kane] Unholy Magic | [Stacia Kane] City of Ghosts: Chess Putnam Series, Book 3 | [Stacia Kane]

There will also be a grand prize available. Bloggers who participate in the hop, as well as anyone who enters any of the giveaways, will be eligible to win a $50 Amazon Giftcard. Those details will be included in an e-mail closer to the event date. 

Top Ten Signs a Book was written by Stacia
(grabbed from Stacia Kane's website)

1. Third person. I’m not a fan of first person and don’t write in it. My romances are, of course, written from third omniscient, but my urban fantasy is strictly from the heroine’s POV (= Point of View).

2. Absent Families. Either they’re dead or they’re just a bunch of jerks, but not one heroine I’ve ever written has had a warm family relationship. Fathers often sell their kids out. Mothers are cruel and distant.

3. Everybody drinks like they’re trying to keep up with Dean Martin. And they drink all sorts of things. The heroes might have a preference for Scotch, but basically, if you show a bottle of booze to a character in one of my books they’ll drink it.

4. Twist endings. Not all of my books have them, but the large majority does. Either the villain’s motives aren’t what they seemed, or the guy we thought was the bad guy isn’t. Even if it isn’t a major plot point (it usually is), at some point we’re going to be surprised.

5. Smoking. Yeah, I know. Not everyone smokes, but enough people do that it’s safe to say if you pick up one of my books chances are somebody, some time, is going to smoke a cigarette.

6. Smooth dialogue, everybody is smart. Nobody is stupid (at least nobody we’re supposed to like), not even the characters who never had an education. They may not know algebra but they have agile minds, and their dialogue tends to be quick and clean. At least I try to make it so; dialogue is a big issue for me.

7. Manners/the man pays. Oh, yes. My characters use each others’ last names regularly and often wait to be invited to use firsts. My men open doors, believe in “ladies first”, prepare drinks, and always pay for meals (unless the heroine specifically does the inviting.) They get a little anal about it, too, sometimes. Even my poor uneducated men know how to treat a lady, and that’s how they see them, too—as ladies.

8. Everybody has great sex. Like I said, my heroes believe in ladies first.

9. Heroes are dark/heroines are slim. Both personally and physically. I’m another one who just doesn’t find blond men terribly appealing as a rule, so my heroes have dark hair and dark eyes. Most of them have Deep Secrets too, or if they don’t they’re just plain criminals. Also, my heroines tend not to be curvy. They’re slim, small-breasted, probably not particularly tall, and average pretty.

10. Violence/stuff explodes/car chases/infernos. Oh how I love action. People in my books are always running, away from the crazy guy with the knife or the evil spirit they don’t yet know how to defeat. They’re in the car breaking laws as bad guys shoot at them or hordes or vampires chase them. Fire is everywhere. Houses catch fire, warehouses, corpses, heroes are fire demons who can burn stuff to a crisp just by thinking of it—now that I’m thinking of it, if something isn’t burning yet in one of my books it’s probably at least been foreshadowed. Just give it time. Everything burns.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Love the excerpt you posted!!!:) Fantastic!!I especially love #8 the part where Stacia's heros believe in ladies first!!! ROTFL!!!

    Thanks for participating in this hop and offering your awesome prize!!;)

  2. I am all a quiver with lovin this tour and wanting these books. Thank you for your participation :)
    Raffles would not let me leave names or links so they are below.

  3. what a great idea to do an audio give away! I would love to win the first book on audio. thanks:)

  4. Great giveaway!!! the more I think about the more I like the narrator for this this series, someone is going to be a very lucky winner!!!

  5. Alexa from Pages of Forbidden Love told me that I MUST READ the Unholy Ghost series! I bought it the other day... I totally can't wait to start!!!

    I like REAL characters. And guess what? They smoke- they drink. This makes them FEEL more real to me I guess. Maybe bc I smoke, and so many authors wouldn't dare put a smoker in their book!! :D

  6. I have no idea if my entries went through because it kept freezing as I tried to type in my answer in the rafflecopter. If it doesnt go through correctly, just let me know so I can fix it lol

    Sorry for being a failure at this LOL

    alltherhage AT gmail DOT com

  7. I've not a clue if the entries went through. Nothing is showing up. So I'll list them again just in case.
    Twitter ~ @SacredmOOn1
    FB ~ DeAnna Schultz
    Tweet ~ https://twitter.com/#!/SacredmOOn1/status/182181926034079744

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway chance!! :D Woo hoo!!
    DeAnna Schultz

    1. They did show up. For some reason the font is showing white which makes the fields look blank. I looked on Rafflecopter and others are having the same problem. It believe the blogs with dark theme colors are having that problem. They are working on it.

  8. Would love to check one of these out in audio ;)

  9. Thanks for contest


  10. Well, as long as the books don't smell like cigarettes, I don't mind smoking in books much:)

    1. True. LOL
      I'm NOT a smoker and hate the smell.
      One reason I won't loan my books to my sister in law. LOL

  11. Thanksfor the giveaway! I am new to the series, but am very excited to begin reading them.
    bournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com

  12. I'm new to this series...thx for the AWESOME giveaway! :)

    barbbattaglia @ yahoo.com

  13. Thanks sounds like a great series


  14. Thanks again for participating in this hop! I'm so excited that you're giving away an audiobook b/c I would never have thought of that! :)


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