Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PNR View: Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian

Darker After Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel

Darker After Midnight
by Lara Adrian
(Midnight Breed #10)
ebook, 384 pages
Published January 24th 2012 by Random House Publishing Group


WOW.  Darker After Midnight is so much more than Chase and Tavia finding their HEA. There is so much going on in this installment that will change the face of the series. I feel like Lara Adrian did some foreshadowing with Jenna and the Ancient's storyline back in Taken by Midnight. We've seen changes take place within her since then. And we get to see more evolve with her but still do not get the whole picture with what is happening to her. 

Dragos has been a very bad boy! Fans of the series know about some of the things he has done in his secret labs but in Darker we get to see that what we've learned about in the past is just the tip of the iceberg. That Drago is a real Dr. Moreau missing with the DNA of the Breed to make the Hunters so he could use them as killing machines that only took orders from him. But they weren't his only secret that came out of those labs.

It will be interesting to see what his test tube babies hold for the future of the Breed. There are so many life changes in Darker. We get a look into the future of things to come. I've read on Lara Adrian's Facebook Page {contain spoiler if you have not read Darker yet} that the next book, Edge of Dawn, takes place 20 years after Darker and after all the changes and additions; I couldn't see how she could not advance the overall story line in the series.

I'm telling ya, the world of the Breed will never be the same after Darker and fans of this series MUST read it.

Darker After Midnight is available at:

My copy was purchased from B&N.


  1. Great series! I really enjoyed this one, I'm also very curious to see where she's taking us next.I'm going to her website right now.
    Thanks, god job again!

  2. This book was hands down the best of the series! I was blown away by just... everything. And what a great way to "end" the story and move on to the next tale!


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