Friday, May 18, 2012

Alpha Showdown UPDATE

Alpha Showdown 2012 

Round 1: Bones vs. Rachel Morgan – Winner: Bones 
Round 2: Charles Cornick vs. King Dorian – Winner: Charles Cornick

So Charles won his 1st round. YAY!!

Total Votes: 815

Next he will be up against Bones. I know. I know. We all love Bones. 
But come Bones had hi time in the spot light so let's try to forget about Chapter 32 and give Charles our vote.

Not sure of the date when Charles and Bones Round will be up for voting but stay tuned and I'll post again to let you know when the poll is open.


  1. Oh No. Bones up against Charles....that'll be EXTREMELY hard. I don't know if I could disregard Ch. 32


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