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PNR Review: Blood of a Red Rose by Tish Thawer

 Blood of a Red Rose (The Rose Trilogy, #2)

Blood of a Red Rose
by Tish Thawer
(The Rose Trilogy #2)
Publication: May 8th 2012 by Amber Leaf Publishing

Doubt blooms...
Someone bleeds...
Change is coming...time to take heed.

A paranormal romance that continues to surprise with a heroine that’s embracing her darker side, a vampire whose love starts to waver, and a vampire clan whose new Sire is filled with doubt.

 ~ ROSE ~
I'm Rose Reynolds. I’ve shared my secret and ruined lives. I’m no longer welcome in my childhood home. And, I’ve recently threatened to kill my best friend. I warned you - I'm not as innocent as everyone thinks…

I'm Christian and I’m worried about Rose. She’s changed and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. She knows my secret and loves me still. This I know, because I’m starting to hear whispers wherever I go…


Blood of a Red Rose takes place about 4 months after Scent of a White Rose. And again we see the story through multiple first person narratives. I've not read many authors that use this style of writing but it works when it's written well and Tish does a great job at keeping each characters' voice separate. Also the use of the multiple narratives gives the story a more "rounder" feel to it.

We join Rose after the events that took place SWR where she and Christian are in hiding after Rose killed someone in self defense. Rose has not seen or spoke to her father or friends in 4 months. Everyone is worried sick about her not knowing where she is and how she is doing.

Rose is keeping secrets from everyone in her life from her father about not telling him where she is to Christian and not telling him what she is. She is caught between a rock and hard place; wanting to have the happily ever after with the man she loves and knowing that they can never have it.

Christian feels Rose is unhappy and pulling away. He is desperate to get them back to their happy place but he doesn't know what to do, until he gets some help from an unlikely source.

Then there is Jeremy, Rose's father. He is living in his own world of secrets and heart ache. He misses Rose and feels a little guilty at having found happiness with his girlfriend so soon after his wife's death. But Jeremy soon finds out that not all is what it seems in his life.

Tish Thawer does another great job at putting a twist on the vampire story and builds on a great debut series. The war between vampires and demons is heating up and I can't wait to read the last book in the trilogy after the cliffhanger that Thawer leaves us with. Luckily I only have to wait to September to get the next installment, Death of a Black Rose.

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