Sunday, June 10, 2012

Erotic Short Review: Out of the Box

Out of the Box (On the Edge)Out of the Box
by Kallysten 
(On the Edge)
Published by Alinar Publishing March 2nd 2007
RATING:  ★★1/2

When she walked into the club, all Virginia wanted was satisfy her curiosity about vampires - and about being bitten. But when Anando reached out to her and asked her what games she wanted to play, he opened the Pandora box and Virginia found answers to questions she had never thought to ask. 


This was an enjoyable book. I really loved how the leading lady took charge and was...brave (wink wink). Virginia goes into a vampire bar/club. Her goal? To take one of those deadly sexy men home and she does! Anando takes Virginia to his home and shows her a box, allowing her to pick anything she would like...Well, I won't ruin the surprise by revealing what naughty item she selects. My only problem was this book was way too short. I was disappointed until I found out there is a sequal, which I will have to read soon. Out of the Box was a fast, fun read

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  1. Amanda, these short stories are great! Yes, they're short but with 10 short stories an 1 novel you really get to know Virginia and Anando. Plus, Kallysten will be releasing a new story, a novel I think, early 2013 with them in it.

  2. I'm into fast reads right now so I might check this book out. Thanks for the heads up

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