Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Book Exchange 2.0

I did the Fall Book Exchange last year and had so much so I decided to sign up for the Summer Book Exchange 2.0 hosted by Ruby's Reads.

Each participant will link to at least one wishlist with a collection of titles they'd like to receive from their Santa. Names will be thrown in a virtual hat and drawn so that each person will have a Summer Santa who will give them a book, and a Summer Santee they will give to. Summer Santas will choose titles from their Santee's wishlist(s). I want to be clear: Everyone who signs up will both give and receive. Sounds like fun? Yeah, I thought so too.

To see the list of rules visit the Book Exchange Blog HERE.
Sign up ends June 30th.

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*I also accept Nook books from Barnes and Noble.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting about the exchange! You know this makes you eligible to win a copy of The Darkest Minds, right?


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