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UF Review: Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane

Chasing Magic (Downside Ghosts, #5)

Chasing Magic
by Stacia Kane
(Downside Ghosts #5)


Magic-wielding Church witch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush. But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside’s drug supply, Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls—and taking the innocent with them, as the magic-infused speed compels them to kill in the most gruesome ways possible.

As if the streets weren’t scary enough, the looming war between the two men in her life explodes, taking even more casualties and putting Chess squarely in the middle. Downside could become a literal ghost town if Chess doesn’t find a way to stop both the war and the dark wave of death-magic, and the only way to do that is to use both her addiction and her power to enter the spell and chase the magic all the way back to its malevolent source. Too bad that doing so will probably kill Chess—if the war doesn’t first destroy the man who’s become her reason for living. (Summary and Pic grabbed from Goodreads)


Stacia Kane can do no wrong in my book. Man this series just grabs you by the balls and will not let go! This review will be hard to write without spoilers; that’s for sure. (The only reason Chasing Magic didn't get a the full 5 stars is that I felt like Chess back peddled some in her relationship with Terrible and I feel like they are solid and she should be over some of her self destructive ways. So I have high hopes that we will see a new an improve Chess in the next book.)

Terrible equals awesomeness. He is the best male character I’ve read since Karen Marie Moning’s Barrons. He is exactly what Chess needs in her life. He is strong but can also be sweet and kind but Chess is the only one that gets to see that side of him. These two complete each other (yes that is the most freaking cheesy thing to say about these two but it’s the Truth. And Truth is Fact and Fact is Truth. Dig!)

I’ve send it before and I’ll say it again; I have a love/hate relationship with Chess. And in Chasing Magic I wanted to freaking killer her in one part. (Those that have read it know what part I’m talking about) All I could think was that botch better not hurt Terrible again. But Chess pulls her head out of her sorry ass just in time and I loved Terrible’s reaction to the guilt he saw on her face. That scene with them two is in second place with the bathroom scene from an earlier book for hotness.

We get to see Chess and Terrible out of their element when she brings him to Elder Griffin’s wedding. And I could have died at Terrible's answer to Griffin's husband's question as to if Terrible and Chess were going to get married....
I think that Chess has done some growing and realizes that she can no longer sit on the fence about some things in her personal life. I just hope that her small growth stays with her and that we see more personal growth in the future from her. DO NOT BACK PEDDLE.

Ok let’s move away from the personal side before I spoil you guys…

This time around Chess and Terrible are dealing with people in Downside going crazy and dyeing from speed that some new dealers are selling on the street. The speed is special in the fact that it has magic mixed in with it. All kinds of bad and bloody crap goes down because of this new “designer” drug. Chess and Terrible find themselves up against an angry mob of “zombies”.

And in the middle of them trying to figure out who is behind it, they have to deal with Lex. See he has big plans now that he is in charge of the other side of town. He got plans, big plans. Like trying to get Terrible to work for him or kill him if he says no. I am so done with Lex.

Also Terrible is still having problems with the sigil that Chess put on him a few books back that saved his life. In true Chess fashion all her bad choices are coming back to bite her and everyone around in her in the ass.

If you are a Urban Fantasy fan and you have not started this series you need to do so NOW! Great writing, great characters, just LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. I pre-ordered Chasing Magic while I was reading the FREE ARC from Netgalley because I know this is a series I will re-read so many times. Honestly, I own this series in ebook and audio book and I enjoy it in both formats. And once Chasing Magic is out in audio I will be paying it again!

ARC provided by Netgalley

Now enjoy some swoon-worthy Terrible quotes:

"Shit. You so fucking pretty, Chessie. True thing. So....ain't even can breathe sometimes."

"I ain't ... Don't know how to say it up right. Never-Fuck, Chess. Thought you was dead once before, you recall? Never felt so bad in my life, not ever. Then on the other day, thought you was gone an just ... I ain't can do it, bein without you." 

"Love you, Chessie," he murmered. "Ain't never...Fuckin' love you, more-n anything." 

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  1. Me too! With everything you said. On my way to get the audio book now, so I can listen while driving to work! :-)

  2. What's this you say? The best male character since Barrons? Dammit woman! *adds to TBR pile*

  3. They really do complete each other. I love Terrible. But you are right Chess needs to stop her self destructiveness. GRRR, that one scene I almost quit the book!

  4. Love me some Terrible!! ITA with everything you said.

  5. I wont read until I have listened to it, but I'm sure is great review, so many great releases on audio today, I'm wishing I had another set of ears :)

  6. Awwww, the quotes are so sweet! I skimmed through the review because I'm just on Sacrificial Magic w/c I'll start tonight so I don't want any spoilers. But the quotes you shared makes me want to pull an all nighter and devour the remaining two books ASAP.

  7. you picked the best Terrible quotes! Love him... anyhow, your first paragraph pretty much sums up my thoughts on Chasing Magic too, I'm ready for Chess to have some major personal growth and quit sabotaging herself, can't wait for the next book! Book Savvy Babe


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