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CR Review: About That Night by Julie James

About That Night (FBI / US Attorney, #3)About That Night
by Julie James
Book #3 in the FBI/US Attorney series
Contemporary Romance
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HE’S PLAYING GAMES...Though Rylann Pierce tried to fight the sparks she felt for billionaire heir Kyle Rhodes the night they met, their sizzling chemistry was undeniable. But after being stood up on their first date, Rylann never expected to see him again. So when she finds herself face to face with Kyle in a courthouse nine years later, she’s stunned. More troubling to the beautiful Assistant U.S. Attorney is that she’s still wildly attracted to him.

BUT SHE’S MAKING THE RULES...Just released from prison, Kyle Rhodes isn’t thrilled to be the star witness in a high-profile criminal case—but when Rylann comes knocking at his door, he finds she may be the one lawyer he can’t say no to. Still as gorgeous and sharp-tongued as ever, she lays down the law: she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. But Kyle won’t give up on something he wants—and what he wants is the one woman he’s never forgotten. . .


Rylann Pierce and Kyle Rhodes had an encounter in Champaigne, Illinois nine years ago when she was a law school student and he was completing his graduate work. Circumstances interrupted what might have been and now they find themselves together again but this time in court to handle his request to reduce his sentence to time served. She's now an assistant US attorney working out of the Chicago office and he's trying to pick up the pieces of his life after having served four months in prison for hacking into Twitter and shutting it down for two days.

I enjoyed Kyle's relationship with his sister Jordan in A Lot Like Love and he doesn't disappoint here. He's interesting, clever and extremely appealing (looks like Sawyer from the show Lost). Rylann is a perfect match for him as they not only have a similar disposition for witty repartee but she's not moved by his physical appeal or his bank account. Their back and forth dialogue isn't tiresome and the issues they confront are very real and meaty. Hes an "ex-con" and she now works for the group that put him in jail. Rylann's career is just as important to her as getting back on his feet is to Kyle.
The conflicts between Kyle and Rylann are enormous but James doesn't waste time with a lot of tedious angst. These are two adults that contend with strong emotions up against career barriers in a very realistic manner. Their attraction is sizzling and watching both evolve to figure it out was a pretty fun and interesting journey. The other relationships in the story (Kyle's sister Jordan, his friend Dex and his father Grey; Rylann's best friend Rae and her ex Jon) add substantively to the story. There are also some really fun moments involving Nick McCall and Jack Pallas from the earlier books.

Unlike the first two books in the series, there is no suspense or mystery in this story. It's all about Rylann and Kyle and their relationship. This is pure contemporary romance and it's done very well. As with the first two, the story is perfectly paced, no dull moments here. I can't wait until next spring for the next book in this series.


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