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ROMP with Felicity Heaton


It’s wonderful to be back at The Book Nympho for not only the fantastic Stomp Vs Romp event but for my Vampirerotique Summer Book Tour.

Today, I have wrangled the heroes of my Vampire Erotic Theatre series together and have sat them down in Antoine’s very lovely (read gloomy) office at the Vampirerotique Theatre. It’s a little cramped in here with six strapping vampire heroes surrounding me, and several of them have work to do before this evening’s performance, so I’ll have to make this quick.

FH: Hello, boys. It’s fantastic to see you all together and moderately behaving yourselves. This interview is going to be quite freeform. I want you to tell me and the audience why you think Romp is better than Stomp. Romp being romances with passion and Stomp being books crammed with action. Maybe you should all introduce yourselves so everyone knows a little more about you and then we can get down to the debate.

Antoine: I am the general manager of Vampirerotique, London’s premier vampire erotic theatre. We put on erotic performances featuring humans and vampires for the elite and aristocrats. I myself am an aristocrat, meaning I have pure vampire blood without any humans in my lineage. I was approached by Javier and Callum close to a century ago about opening the theatre and I have been here ever since with my brother, Snow.

Javier: As Antoine mentioned, I was partly responsible for the business idea behind Vampirerotique. Because I am an elite, and so is Callum, we needed aristocrat blood at the theatre so we could cater to both sides of society.
Callum: What he said, but with our names reversed. We had a vision for the theatre and I think we managed to make it shine.

Snow: Do I have to speak?

FH: I’m afraid so, big guy. You’re probably the one people want to hear from the most.

Snow: *huffs* Fine. I am Antoine’s older brother by one thousand years and have no particular business role at the theatre, unless you count keeping trouble to a minimum?

FH: *smiles* You are trouble, but I know what you mean. You’re sort of like security in that nothing slips past you and you could probably crush another vampire with one hand.

Snow: *smiles* You flatter me.

FH: I try. Now, the two new vampires at the theatre probably can’t say much about the actual business, but can you introduce yourself?

Andreu: I am Andreu and I am Javier’s younger brother. I was always enamoured with the idea of Vampirerotique and I am glad to finally see it with my own eyes. It’s fascinating.

Payne: You only say that because you want to open your own theatre. Personally, I would rather be away from this place. It’s too tempting.

FH: I understand, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Now that we’ve sort of introduced everyone to the audience, perhaps we could move onto the debate. Why is passion better than action?

Andreu: I have nothing against action and I am sure my fellow vampires share that opinion. We have all been warriors at one time or another, fighting for our lives, but what is life without love? And what is love without passion?

Snow: You make a good point. Passion makes us feel alive. Sharing a beautiful and physically intimate moment with someone you love makes you feel whole. You can fight with your female at your side, travel the world in search of adventure, but without sharing a tender caress, a loving kiss, or a sweet moment of ecstasy, it would be a hollow journey.

Payne: I can’t imagine just where your mind went when you said “sweet moment of ecstasy” but damn, never knew you were a poet, man. *grins* Females love that sort of shit. You should be swimming in them. Why aren’t you?

Snow: *growls*

Payne: *grin widens* Just answered my question right there.

Antoine: Do not rile my brother... unless you would like your organs removed, Payne? I agree with my brother. Intimacy is beautiful and something we all crave. Letting your guard down, exploring one another’s bodies, it all establishes a connection. A deep unbreakable bond. Making love is the ultimate act of beauty. It is nature and everything we hunger for. We were born to seek out the one made solely for us so we can share everything with them, but most of all so we have someone on earth to connect to intimately, to explore new passions with and new desires. To mate with and give our all to them.

Payne: Poetry runs in the family, huh? Little like bloodlust.

Snow: *cuffs him around the head* Quiet. You are not so heartless and emotionless yourself. I have seen you watching the females.

Payne: Purely instinct. I can’t help that I have a sexual appetite that requires constant nourishment. I’m making this vulgar, aren’t I? Let’s be honest. Romp isn’t exactly a very expressive word for what we’re supposed to be discussing. I mean... is it just sex we’re talking about, encounters driven by pure lust and that are about fulfilling a need... or are we talking about passion and moments of pure love and desire, ones that are about connection and intimacy?

FH: I prefer to think of the stories I write as stories of passion and true love, and everything that entails, but I know some have a narrow view of romance and think it’s just pointless sex on the pages. Nothing I have written about you boys has been that way. All of the love scenes in your romances are full of emotion, deep connection, and driven by the heart more than a carnal thirst.

Javier: We face the same problem with some people and their opinion of the theatre and the performances. Many feel it is just a soulless act rather than a natural exploration of deeper desires. I agree with what my brother Andreu, said... while there is a time and place for action, there is always a need for connection in our lives. Action may get us what we want but love gives us everything we need. We are two halves of one soul and that soul comes together when we make love, joining us in the most beautiful way.

Callum: True. I too do not like this labelling of any intimate act as something debauched. A soul can live without action, without fighting, and their lives would not be worse off for it. A soul cannot live without love and physical intimacy. It is as vital to us as air and gives us happiness, hope and warms our hearts. I have fought battles and only come out of them glad to have survived. The pleasure they offer is short-lived and nothing compared to the joy of being with my love. Love is everything.

FH: I think you’re all romantics at heart. I agree with you all though. Life without passion isn’t living. Human, vampire or werewolf, or any other species... we all crave physical connection to others and we all want to fall in love and find someone who completes us. We share ourselves with our other half through intimacy, whether it’s something as simple as holding hands or a soft kiss that leaves us light inside, or something as complex and deep as making love. I enjoy writing action and my readers can vouch that when I write action, I really write it so you can envisage it, but I don’t think I would ever write a story without passion and desire, love and devotion. I prefer to write a fight for love.

Snow: I have thought about it. In my experience, action is often driven by the harder emotions like anger, hatred, thirst for vengeance, with only periods where it is driven by a desire to protect. Action is often destruction. Love and passion, tenderness and devotion, are softer emotions and ones we all need to feel otherwise we risk losing ourselves to darkness. Love is creation. It gives us so much. It makes us happy... it is my most heartfelt desire to experience such love and passion, such tenderness.

Antoine: It is alright, brother. *squeezes his shoulder*

FH: You will know love again one day, Snow, and I’m sure whoever the lucky girl is, she will be glad to have you and the passion you hold in your heart will make her the happiest girl in the world.

Payne: What about me? Don’t I get the “You’ll find a lady to love” speech?

FH: Fine, you’ll find someone too and I’m hoping she does something to iron out that attitude of yours.

Payne: *grins* You love me really.

FH: *sighs* I can see this is going to degenerate. Does anyone have any parting comments to back up our view that romp is better than stomp?

Antoine: I have lived for over a thousand years. I have fought countless battles... none of them have given me even a fragment of the happiness, peace, and joy I have experienced by falling for someone and making love, connecting our bodies, hearts and souls in one moment of pure emotion and mutual satisfaction. I have read countless books too... and have gained more satisfaction from reading tales where love grows between two characters during whatever hardships they face than reading tales purely focused on action. Action can only ever gain you something—revenge, freedom, land, money. Love can gain you everything and it can give you everything too.

FH: Well said. Thank you for all agreeing to talk about this with me. I think we did a good job of making it clear that while there is room in life for action, there is need in life for love and passion.

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In 2011, four of her six paranormal romance books received Top Pick awards from Night Owl Reviews, Forbidden Blood was nominated as Best PNR Vampire Romance 2011 at The Romance Reviews, and many of her releases received five star reviews from numerous websites.


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