Saturday, August 18, 2012

RS Review: Softly at Sunrise by Maya Banks

Softly at Sunrise (KGI, #5.5)

Softly at Sunrise 
by Maya Banks 
Book #5.5 in the KGI series
Romantic Suspense

Rachel Kelly has traveled a long, hard road in her journey back to her husband, Ethan, and the Kelly family. Now, as she and Ethan are poised to move into their new home, safe behind the walls of the Kelly compound, Rachel wonders if she’ll finally be free of the ghosts that have haunted her for so long and if she’ll step into the sun after a past steeped in darkness.


Rachel Kelly has had a long and road back from the hell she experienced almost two years ago when she was kidnapped during a mission to South America. She was held for a year and given hallucinagens for most of that time, with her family believing that she had died in a plane crash. With the nightmare behind her, she's slowly struggled to reclaim her life, including her husband, marriage, family and career.

The series began with Rachel's terrible ordeal and since her return, she's had to contend with memory loss, flashbacks and the climb back from an abyss. Her last memories were of a miscarriage, disentegrating marriage and Ethan asking for a divorce right before she left for South America. Even though they are united, it's still been a challenge. The move to a new home signals a new start and the chance to replace those memories.

This story was a breath of fresh air. I always had faith in Rachel because her ordeal isn't one most would have survived. I expected that we would see her emerge and begin a new chapter but I was pleasantly surprised to find an added element of suspense. It was riveting and Rachel rose to the challenge, giving her the opportunity to prove her mettle not only to herself but her family. It was a wonderful story of triumph and happiness and I read this in one sitting.

Though I'm not a big fan of novellas, this one was long overdue and it delivered. If you've been waiting for Rachel and Ethan to turn the page on an ugly chapter, you will not be disappointed. Oh, and you may need a few tissues.


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