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#AADSAV Spotlight on Trinity Blacio

Trinity Blacio is stopping by today to tease us with an excerpt from one of her up coming stories, Hallows Howl.


Hallows Howl 
By Trinity Blacio

The small, brown wolf lay on the ground and whimpered while the two black alpha wolves circled her. Every night they would find Caitlin and claim her. She whimpered again as one of the wolves climbed onto her back. He latched onto her neck with his fangs as he worked his cock in and of out of her...

Caitlin Dorchester stared out her bay window and shook her head to clear away the image. She didn’t know why these dreams or images kept plaguing her, but she did know it was a sign. Something was coming. The only problem was that Caitlin didn’t know if the change was for the better or if she should pack a bag and start running.

The red, orange and yellow maple leaves danced around like a small tornado. The warm breeze ruffled her long hair, and the smells of fall surrounded her. She loved this time of year, and her home was perfect.

For two years Caitlin had lived in the shell of home as she worked on it. The property had been empty for over three years with things falling apart before she had bought it. The roof had fallen in and since the house hadn’t been winterized the plumbing had burst, but after all of her work and time she had put into it, it was done. Could she leave all she had created here? Not this time, Caitlin was tired of running.

She’d made sure the house was far from her childhood home. After years of planning and saving a secret stash of money, she’d slipped away in the middle of the night with the help of her best friend Cher. With a new name and identity, Caitlin had been lucky to avoid six years without the pack’s influence and her father’s fists.

A cold chill rode up her back, and she took a big gulp of her coffee. Never again, would a man would ever beat her again, and if she ever did have children, she would protect them with her life. Caitlin would never cower like her mother had. She would always stand her ground and refuse to be bullied.

Laughing, she moved into the kitchen. Three years today she was supposed to be given away at the Hallows Howl. As the alpha daughter, it was her obligation to mate with the alpha her father had chosen for her. All of which would have taken place at the Howl, but she’d shattered all those plans.

“With my luck my father would’ve picked that old fucker, Marsh Grant.” She grabbed the coffee pot and poured more into her cup. The last she’d heard, Alpha Marsh had been killed a year ago. Oh, she kept track of her world, but only from a distance.

Cher still kept her informed on what was going on in the packs. Her family had always been there for her, and after each beating, Cher had helped her recover. It was rare for a werewolf to scar, but after the many attacks from her father, her body was damaged.

Being self-concious and too afraid of rejection and shame, Caitlin had never been with a man. At five foot six and two-hundred-twenty pounds, she stayed to herself. The only time she ever left her home was to go grocery shopping and run to the post office to deliver her goods. Her quilts, afghans, and handmade clothes sold well enough to keep her comfortable.

There was one time when she thought someone had found her. Caitlin had ventured to the nearest town for their Apple Fest and to meet Cher for lunch. While there, two male werewolves came into the restaurant where they were eating.

Facing away from the door, Caitlin could have sworn her back was burning. Oh, she knew the two men stared at her and whispered to each other. Instantly, Cher stood and then made her way to the men, blocking any of their further attempts to reach Caitlin. Her best friend had once more saved her. By her distracting them, Caitlin had been able to slip out of the back door.

Both men had been over six-feet tall, their black hair braided and pulled back tats covered part of their arms. From what Cher had told her later when she had met her back at her place, the other man wore a gold ring in his ear and both males had green eyes

From that moment on, Caitlin began dreaming of them each night. The erotic dreams not only had her wishing there could be more with these men, but she’d also ordered her own sexual toys. Adult toys couldn’t possibly replace the men, but she needed something to take the edge off. “Mating heat, please!” She never believed in the ‘mating heat’, the body’s way to inform her that her mates were close. Their scent and closeness would drive her into a mating frenzy as her mother had said. The one time her mother had talked to her, when she was twelve. Now she wondered it was true. It turned out both men were Alpha brothers of the Northern Michigan Pack, and their pack dwelling was located only twenty miles from her abode.

Ever since that day last month, Caitlin had stayed close to home and rarely went for a run, afraid someone would spot her.

The front door creaked when a deafening thud hit it. She slowly turned to the door when another loud thump hit the door. Wood splintered and fell to the floor in pieces. Stunned only for a moment, Caitlin jumped, dropping her coffee mug, and readied herself to attack those who threatened her. Two of her father’s goons stormed into what use to be her safe haven and circled her. Caitlin growled and hoped she could make it to her car, but she knew there was no way she would make it.

Trinity Blacio has been writing now professionally for eight years. Currently she has available titles from Freya’s Bower, and Ravenous Romance, with more to come. She is always excited to be writing, hearing from readers, and helping fellow authors.

One of Trinity’s strongest beliefs is that no matter how small or big an author is, they should always help each other in the profession. With this idea in mind she has created a place where authors, editors, publishers, and anyone in the publishing business can come together to help each other.

She also works a full time job outside the home which she shares with her two children Cheyenne and Rudy. When Trinity has time you can find her reading all sorts of romance novels. But as you have figured out her favorite are Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Menage, Erotic Horror.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and of course here at her Website

Her alter-ego, Selene Noreen at:


  1. I really like that title, Trin. And the graphics with the excerpt are spot on! What inspired you to write this one?

  2. I love everything about fall, it's my favorite season cool and beautiful.Wolves also happen to be one of the most amazing animals and I too love to read about werewolves and vampires. :)

    Thanks Faith for everything.

  3. I really like wolves, too, so I know what you mean. And you are very welcome. :-D

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower, thanks to "Behind the Blogger!" at Mystifying Paranormal Reviews. Well, sort of - I think I already follow you on Twitter, or Goodreads.

    Cool excerpt.

    1. Thanks for following and checking out today's AADSAV spotlight.


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