Friday, October 19, 2012

Cover Releaved x3

Tempest Reborn
by Nicole Peeler
Jane True #6

Expected publication: May 28th 2013 by Orbit 

Anyan may be trapped in an evil dragon and Blondie may be gone, but Jane knows one thing: she's not about to give up. She's ready to tear down heaven and earth to save her lover, despite those who believe he's lost.

Luckily for Jane, those who've given up on Anyan do not include those closest to her. Defying The Powers That Be, Jane and Company form their own crack squad of misfits, in whose hands the fate of the world may well rest.

With a little help from her friends, the Universe, and lots of snacks, Jane embarks on her greatest adventure yet, confident that with great sacrifice comes great reward. The question is, who will be that sacrifice?

Last Blood
by Kristen Painter
House of Comarre #5
Expected publication: 2013 by Orbit 

The fifth and final book of the House of Comarre series.

No blurb or release date yet.

The Jane True series covers are always fun. 
And the House of Comarre covers are just beautiful.

What do you guys think about the covers?

I've read the 1st book in both series and plan to get update very soon on both.

Have you read these series yet?

Dead Ever After
by Charlaine Harris
Sookie #13 (final book)
Expected publication: May 7th 2013 by Ace

Sookie finally comes to an end.
IMO a few books to late.
The last release Deadlocked was a DNF for me after only 3 chapters.

Looks like every love interest for Sookie over the series is on the cover....
Bats for Bill and Eric
Wolf for Alcide
Dog for Sam
Tiger tail for Qhuinn (eew! Not my favorite)

I've loved this series until the last two or three books.
I doubt I'll read the last one.
I'll just ask my friend to give me a run down on how it ends.

Do you think Sookie will get a HEA with one of the guys?
Who do you think it will be?
Who do you want it to be?


  1. I haven't read Charlaine Harris' series yet but at least now I know that there's an end to it which makes the task a little less discouraging. However, being a True Blood fan I'm afraid that the books might fall short...

  2. I started reading the books after I watched the 1st season of True Blood. The 1st book and the 1st season are almost the same but after that there are differences.

    BTW my hubby has read most of the books too. He enjoyed them like me but then we got to liking the show more.

    The last two books was just blah to me. I feel like the books series should have wrapped up two or three books ago.

  3. Bwahahaha! We are all waiting for that 'friend' to give us the lowdown on CH's book. LOL I don't want to read it either. Book 4 (my fave) carried me to book 8, but after that, I just gave up when it didn't seem we'd be getting a Sookie/Eric HEA. I hope my 'friend' reads it fast and lets me know how did it all end! :)

  4. I'm looking forward to finally putting Sookie to rest, I can't say I hate to see the series end, I think it was time, although, I think I enjoyed the last book a bit more than a lot people did.

  5. Honestly, I haven't read the last 2. I lost interest, but I will pick this one up and work my way through the others just see how it ends.

  6. I've been waiting for the end for awhile now. I've always thought that Sookie would end up with Sam. The nice guy that has always been there for her. I will admit to being a hardcore Eric supporter but I don't believe they will end up together. Sookie doesn't want to be turned and it wouldn't work unless that happened.


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