Friday, November 23, 2012

Secret Santa UPDATE


Emails are being sent out to everyone with info on who your exchangee is, their shipping address, book format preference and wish list link(s). 

Please check your email and spam folder just in case. 

Christen and I have split the list up so some will be getting an email from me and others will receive their email from Christen.

Below is the body of the email you will get. 

Hi all! The 1st Annual Secret Santa has officially begun! I know you’re all as excited as I am!

First, and most important:
a. Your exchangee: Elvis the elf
b. Their shipping address:  North Pole
c. Their wish list:  (website link)
d. Format Preference: Kindle Book, Audio Book, Print Book, etc.

Now that you know who your exchange is, you need to take a look at their wish list and pick out book(s) for a total of around $18-20. Remember NEW books only! Once you've ordered the book(s) please fill out the order confirmation form below. Filling out the form is required, as it’s the best way to keep track of the exchanges.

I want to thank everyone again for signing up for the 1st Annual Secret Santa hosted by Goldilox and the Three Weres and The Book Nympho.

I hope everyone has fun and a great Holiday season full of books.

For your convince the form you will receive in your email is list below. I know I sometimes delete an email that I needed. So in case that happens you can come back to this post to fill out the form.


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