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Special Post: The Blogging Dead

was MIA this week for The Blogging Dead
so Cat from Addicted to Heroines 
asked me to fill in for her.

Hope you enjoy this installment of The Blogging Dead.

Now read what Cat and I thought about Sunday's episode.

Season 3 Episode 4:

The Killer Within

I'm shocked and a little sad after watching this. I couldn't stop myself from tearing up after witnessing Rick's breakdown. And poor Carl. I can't imagine how this is going to affect both of them. Which loss surprised you most? T-Dog or Lori?

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode Photos

Neither really, I’m really surprised that T-Dog made it this far. I knew after the talk the group had about letting the two prisoners into the group that T-Dog was going to die sooner or later. Everyone that has gone against or thought differently than the group has died; Dale, Shane and now T-Dog. The only one that’s gone out live so far for thinking differently is Andrea and the group thinks she’s dead. But I have much respect for T-Dog dying to save Carol.

Lori on the other hand, I was hoping she would die. I kept hoping that Hershel would chew her face off when she was giving him mouth to mouth last week. Or if the baby died while she was carrying it that it would eat through her stomach. (Zombie baby)

Carl was already turning into a bad ass walker killer. That poor kid having to shoot his mom. Damn. But that little speech Lori gave him before the delivery. She stepped up as a mom at that moment.

I cried my eyes out for Rick at the end.

One of the few positive things that happened during the show was seeing the progress in Hershel's recovery. I think he has a great attitude for someone who could be considered a liability for the group. It's not much of an issue now, but if they ever have to leave the prison, how are they going to make it with someone as slow as Hershel?

 It seems like for every hopeful thing that happens to the group they get hit with a negative, in this case two, with the death of Lori and T-Dog. And Carol? (I think she is still alive)

There is a formula to the madness. The group gets conformable and feeling safe and shit rain downs on them. Just like the farmhouse last season. They think they’ve found a safe place in the prison and the show opens with a funny moment with Glen and Maggie in the watch tower. Love when Daryl asks Glenn if he is coming. LOL

I can’t see Hershel making it much longer. If they have to run he is toast.

In the beginning, the prisoners were pleading for Rick to let them become a part of the group. I was 110% behind the decision not to because I wouldn't trust them either. But after everything that has taken place, would you let them in now?

After the one dude helping Rick, I would give them a chance but I wouldn’t take my eyes off of them. Sometimes the most dangerous people are the ones you don’t see coming…..

Another thing that I liked about this episode was the switching between scenes. I loved the last episode with The Governor, but I missed my time with Rick. I'm hoping the remainder of the season will be this way, focusing on both story lines instead of just one.

I believe we will see more of the switching as we get closer to the two groups getting together.

Will Merle go looking for Daryl? Will Daryl and Maggie run into Merle while looking for formula and supplies for the baby next week?

I think Merle and Daryl will cross paths sometime soon. What’s going to be interesting is when Daryl has to decide between staying with the group or going with his brother.

I wonder how long it's going to take for Andrea to figure out that Michonne's right and The Governor is CRAZY! Woodbury does look pretty cozy, so I'm not sure that I would leave without some evidence that something was wrong either. 

Michonne is no fool. She knows that the army guys weren’t over run by biters (walkers).

After spending a winter with Michonne, Andrea would be crazy not to trust her. But then on the other hand having a place that SEEMS safe and not having to run would be hard to turn down. But Andrea can be stupid sometimes. Remember when she shot Daryl last season just because she had something to prove. UGH

I don’t know about you but the walkers that were baited by the DEAD deer drove me crazy. I kept thinking they are only attracted to LIVE meat.

Maybe if it was a fresh kill and still warm (gag) then they would still be attracted to it? I don’t know. But it seems like you’re right, I wouldn’t have guessed that dead meat and the organs that he was setting on the ground would have attracted their attention.

I was surprised that the one that was opening the gates and baiting the walkers was the prisoner that Rick locked out. I’m sure I was not the only one that assumed that he got eaten by the walkers. Guess we shouldn’t assume anything at this point.

Yep, I thought the same thing. But I guess we didn’t actually see him get bitten. He had two or three walkers clawing at him and I think that’s all they showed.

I’m betting that Rick wished he had killed him now. If he had then T-Dog and Lori wouldn’t be dead. Well Lori might not be dead if Carol and Hershel were there to deliver the baby. But you know how guilt works and Rick will be blaming himself for it.

Absolutely he will blame himself. I noticed they showed a short clip of him flipping out in the next episode. Daryl may have to step up and take on Rick’s role if he isn’t in the right state of mind.

Who do you think the next victim will be in the group? My bet is on Beth or Hershel.

Hmmm…maybe they will be placed in a situation where Hershel is lagging behind or unable to defend himself and Beth dies trying to help him. I saw a TWD t-shirt a week or so ago that said “The Remains” and the only names on the shirt were Rick, Carl, Andrea, and Michonne. So if there is any truth to that, then it leaves a lot of people who are going to die.

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