Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Born to be Wild by Patricia Rosemoor

Born to be Wild 
By Patricia Rosemoor 
Romantic Suspense 

It's been twelve long years since Western rancher Micah Wild gave up all hope of being with his forbidden high school love—and the child they created together. When she tells him that their daughter has been kidnapped, they must reunite to convince their stubborn families to set aside a generations-long feud and help save their little girl. As old emotions are churned up—and love is rediscovered—Micah doesn't know how he's survived without Isabel Falcon in his life. After so many years and painful betrayals, can he win her heart again, rescue their child, and find a way for them to finally become the loving family they should have been all along?


Isabel Falcon and Micah Wild were teenaged lovers 12 years ago when she became pregnant. Their families were feuding for several generations and came between them when they tried to marry and since that time they've led separate lives. Now they are being thrown back together because their 11-year old daughter is missing and they must reunite to find her, all the while struggling with emotions that haven't subsided in all the time they've been apart.

It was chilling to think about this young girl being abducted without a trace and you couldn't help but feel Isabel and Micah's agony. It was obvious that they loved each other as they loved their child. The issues that originally separated their families weren't really clear though it didn't really matter as emotions still ran pretty deeply. The resurgence of the romance between Isabel and Micah was overshadowed by their daughter Lucy's continued absence. It was interesting to track their progress as they followed up on clues to find out who took her and where she was being hidden. What was very puzzling, however, was the lackluster involvement of the police and the community in searching for Lucy. It seemed as if Micah, Isabel and their families were the only ones looking for her and this didn't seem plausible.

I liked the story, even though I didn't really connect so much with the romance. Their reasons for staying apart for 12 years didn't really make sense, especially when they remained connected through their daughter. However, the suspense surrounding Lucy's abduction kept me connected to the book and it had a good climax. It also seems like there may be a follow up story, which I would definitely read.

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)

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