Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Top Reads

I'm stealing Jen @ Red Hot Books idea that she started in 2012 and is continuing in 2013. 
She lists her favorite reads for the year by month as she reads. 

My list will be a mix of books from my TBR list (old books) and some new releases.
I will include the above graphic 
(I purchased it with other review icons from PJ Designs
in the review of my 2013 Top Reads. 
You can also find the graphic on my sidebar which I will link to the all my 2013 Top Reads reviews. 
Just click on the graphic to see the reviews through the year.


  1. Does that mean you're doing a top 10 list every month?

    1. Geez. That's too much work. LOL

      I'll just link my Top Reads to the graphic on the sidebar.

      But I might do a Top Read of the month, you know my fave book I read for the month at the end. And post it at the top of my sidebar.

  2. Looking forward to it! I hope you include some audiobooks ;)


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