Friday, January 11, 2013

Audio Review: Spider's Revenge by Jennifer Estep

Spider’s Revenge 
by Jennifer Estep 
(Elemental Assassin #5) 

Old habits die hard. And I plan on mur­der­ing some­one before the night is through.

Killing used to be my reg­u­lar gig, after all. Gin Blanco, aka the Spi­der, assassin-for-hire. And I was very good at it. Now, I’m ready to make the one hit that truly mat­ters: Mab Mon­roe, the dan­ger­ous Fire ele­men­tal who mur­dered my fam­ily when I was thir­teen.

Oh, I don’t think the mis­sion will be easy, but turns out it’s a bit more prob­lem­atic than expected. The bitch knows I’m com­ing for her. So now I’m up against the army of lethal bounty hunters she hired to track me down. She also put a price on my baby sister’s head. Keep­ing Bria safe is my first pri­or­ity. Tak­ing Mab out is a close sec­ond.

Good thing I’ve got my pow­er­ful Stone and Ice magic — and my irre­sistible lover Owen Grayson — to watch my back. This bat­tle has been years in the mak­ing, and there’s a chance I won’t sur­vive. But if I’m going down, then Mab’s com­ing with mat­ter what I have to do to make that happen.

“Old habits die hard for assassins. And I planned on murdering someone before the night was through. That’s what I did, me Gin Blanco, the assassin known as The Spider. I killed people, something that I was very, very good at.”

Have I told you guys how much I LOVE this series? Well, I’m telling ya again. It’s on my top 5 list of Urban Fantasy series EVER.

Since I don’t want to spoil you guys I’ll keep this review very short.

Gin is back, kicking ass and taking names.

Finn is back with his smart remarks and sexiness.

Owen is back with his yummy self.

Mab is back…..

Donovan is still gone. YAY

That’s all you’re getting from me. I can’t talk about this book without spoilers so just know it’s AWESOME and I suggest you start this series you have not already. And if you have, you know how great it is.

“The people I've killed over the years, yeah I did most of them for the money. Because being an assassin was a job and one that I was good at. But the biggies, all the folks I've taken on in recent months......they've all practice for you bitch.”

If you are just now getting into this series and have not made it past Spider’s Revenge, I HIGHLY recommend you read the novella that follows, Thread of Death. It reads like an epilogue to Spider’s Revenge.


  1. First Amber I. reads the books too close together and can't write a review and now you cheat and do a point format one. You ladies suck. LOL

    You're not posting them at the end of the month anymore for the challenge?

    1. I'm just posting them whenever. I'll still go to the discussion threads for the read along and give my 2 cents.

      Yeah she did fuss at me. I need to find something wrong with one of her post and fuss...

  2. This is how I did my Deadly Sting review so I guess I'm in trouble too. I'll be watching your reviews Carmel like a hawk so we can fuss at you.

    1. ^5. We will make her pay! Looks like this calls for the RT embarrassment spotlight to change once again to Carmel..... *evil laugh*

    2. Oooh oh, what have I gotten myself into!

  3. How do you make an awesome book like this even better? That kick ass book cover is how! One of my all favorites, both book and book cover :-D

  4. I'm sooo late in this series, I only read the first book and I need to try the others. And you know what? I even have book 2 and 3... Well I really don't remember book 1 now.

    1. You need to get on. It's a really good series.


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