Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Not Me, It's You!

As many book related discussions, this one got started on Twitter. Jen (Red Hot Books), Rachel (Parajunkee) and I was talking one day about how we've broke up with books/series.

Either because they are too long, we've lost interest, or the herione/hero is too stupid to live anymore. Whatever the reason, as a book reader I'm sure you all have dropped a book/series quicker than a prom queen looses her dress on promo night.

Series I've broken up with:

  • Anita Blake
    • LOVED books 1-8. I want the old Anita back before all the orgies took over the plot.
  • Merry Gentry
    • Anita 2.0. I stopped after book 3. It just seemed like LKH just changed the name of the characters. It was Anita and her men all over but with fae and name changes.
  • Sookie Stackhouse
    • I DNF Deadlock after chapter 2 and I just don't care how the series ends.
  • Queen Betsy
    • Betsy has not grown as a person. She's the same person she was in the 1st book. The series is a fun and light read but I still want some growth in my characters.

These have one foot out the door (soon to be exes?)

  • Feral Warriors
    • Rise and Repeat romance plot. I have one more book on my shelf to read in this series and since I've spend the money on it I'm going to giving it a try but not sure I'll continue.
  • Psy-Changeling
    • Rise and Repeat romance plot. I have one more book in the series on audio so I'll listen to it but really I just want to quit.
  • Breeds
    • this series is hot and has a great over all story arc but really 24+ books. I'll read the two I have but not sure I'll get the newest releases unless there seems to be an end in site.
  • Chicagoland Vampires -
    • I have House Rules and I'll read it but after the last book being a little on the slow side, HR needs to blow me away for me to continue. I don't care if Ethan and Merit get together anymore. His running hot and cold has killed my love for him.
  • Night Huntress -
    • I hate to say this about a series I've LOVED but I feel like the magic of Cat & Bones has fizzed somewhat. I actually like the other characters more now. The last two books was just meh for me. I'll give the new release a go later this year but again like CV it needs to blow me away in order for me to continue. In my heart I've moved on the Vlad and his world.

Tell me, what books have you broke up with?

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  1. Like you, I've given up on Sookie, Betsy, Chicagoland, and the Night Huntress series. With Chicagoland, I'm also over the back and forth with Merit and Ethan. I really don't care anymore. I also fell out of love with the Stephanie Plum series because like Betsy she's not growing as character.

  2. Kitty Norville...I think I stopped after book three. It just fizzled for me. I stopped reading Sookie two books back but I think I might pick it up again for nostalgia's sake and to say goodbye to her this year. :)

  3. I'm one foot out the door with the Night Huntress series. I've read the first 4 books and started book 5 when it first came out but I couldn't get into it.

  4. I am on the fence with Merit and gang . This last book was we will see but yes this close to breaking up with it :(

  5. I forgot about Betsy, but that was so long ago I don't even know why I stopped reading those books. I was POd with Merit bc I knew beforehand that there was no-way that what happened with Ethan wouldn't be "fixed". So, I had no emotional reaction...which is terrible. There should be an emotional reaction. In the Fever series at the end of Dreamfever -- I threw the book across the room and was crying for like two hours afterwards, even though in my heart I knew it couldn't be was still unknown. Does that make sense?

    Night Huntress series. One of my favorite series, but yes...old married couple and JF has stated that there are a few more books in the series. I guess if they are still selling. Nine books I think she said, with a chance for maybe two more. I think her publisher forced her into the nine, even though she's stated that there is more in her head.

    Great list chick

    1. I feel like some series goes on too long just for the sales. Like Sookie and I'm afraid Night Huntress is heading in that direction.

      When a series ends I want to be left still wanting more not wishing the characters would just die, like Sookie.

  6. I agree with all of your Series I've broken up with! I have no idea why they are even published any longer. I'm sad to say that I also agree with you on the Night Huntress series. Ah well, there are plenty of other awesome series!

  7. I have never even heard of Queen Betsy. Sadly, I agree that the fire has gone out of Cat & Bones, though I loved Vlad's book!

  8. I'm with you Jen, never heard of Queen Betsy either.

    I am definitely agree with Cat & Bones. The last two books were just barely ok.

    Psy/Changeling- sorry, I love them! LOL

    Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon- UGH, the last 2 books SUCKED! I'm one foot out the door, Styxx will be the determining factor if I stop reading them.

    CV I'm still hanging in there and the Breeds? Yeah I'm hanging on my a string.

  9. I forgot I broke up with Leigh's Breeds! We broke up about 10 books ago because they're all the same formula, the leads just have different hair color. Another series I broke up with after 10 books was an MM shifter series, Mate or Meal by Hyacinth. I loved the middle books but after she ran out of characters she started matching the children up as late teens/early twenties and the characters and romances were so immature I just couldn't read any more.

  10. I still love Nighthuntress just as much as I did before, maybe even more! I love that Cat and Bones are still together, even if their problems are different now.

    I still like the Psy-Changeling books as well, I think more for the big story-arc than the romance - I agree that is starting to look like copying situations with different character names, but the overall story is still appealing to me.

    Chicagoland *sighs* oh how I loved the first books, and how I felt very meh about the last ones. I used to have those on pre-order, but I don't anymore. I will probably read the next book, though, but I'm not impatient to get my hands on it.

    Excellent idea to post your book break-ups :)

  11. I broke up with the Anita Blake series too, though I made it to book 13. You're so right, Anita lost her fire and after one orgy, they all starting reading the same. Before that the sex was hot and Anita was a bad ass. I miss that!

  12. I'm still with Chicagoland but that may change soon - the plot around Ethan's return was just so badly done. I'll stay with psy-changelings for reasons similar to what's been written - the big picture not the individual stories (I find Nikita particularly interesting). Ready to give up on BDB - they all read the same to me. Really looking forward to Kristin Painter's books to finish - for some reason I keep reading them even as it's annoying the crap out me! Anita Blake - 2 was all I could take so didn't even get to the 'slutty' ones. Still with Sookie and Nighthuntress.

  13. I also broke up with the Anita Blake series. I HAD loved that series once, but no more. I have books 1-16 but I've only read and finished up to Book #8. I've tried several times in the past year and a half to start book #9 but I simply can't do it. I have totally given up with this series to never read it again! Ever. I can't stomach where there series is headed.

    I still love the Sookie Stackhouse series though. I really anxious for the final book DEA to release.

    I've had Queen Betsy series on my tbr shelf. I'll have to re-evaluate that one it looks like.

    I still love the Night Huntress series but book #6 wasn't as great as the previous ones.

    Chicagoland series: I've given up on that one till the series is finished/concluded and then I'll re-evaluate if I should finish it. I've read up to book #5 and simply couldn't take anymore of the back-and-forth hot-and-cold back-and-forth hot-and-cold and on and on it goes! Ugh! It's like a freaking merry go round!!

    Good post!
    DeAnna Schultz

  14. I did start a re-read of Anita through the graphic novels. I really enjoyed what I've read so far but it makes me miss the old Anita even more. Not sure if I'll continue the graphic novels or not. I guess if my library keeps ordering them I will since it's free. LOL

  15. I gave up on Sookie a few books ago. I read Merry a little longer that you but then gave up. When she has 4-5 fathers for her unborn babies and is still scheduling sex while pregnant and adding new guys...just no.

    I gave up on The Night Huntress series too. That one was probably the hardest to quit. I loved it but the spark is gone. I'll read them eventually but I don't rush out to get the books on release day anymore.

  16. I am going to try and comment from my phone.... expect typos :)

    I don't know if I have totally abandoned any series but I have several that have gone out of auto buy mode....

    Black Dagger Bros
    Dark Hunters

    Those are my two biggest....

  17. Poor Sookie. All she does anymore is bake pies and go antique shopping. I didn't read the one that came out last year but when the final one comes out in May I will mist likely read it and the last book. <--- Glutton for punishment.

    Yes, the spark certainly dimmed for Cat and Bones in the last few books. Books 1-4 were ridiculously good. Like, off the charts amazing! But recently its taken a dip. Maybe because she started the spin offs she can't split her focus between all the different books? I'll still keep reading the series unless it tanks as much as Sookie, I just don't rush to buy them on release day or anything. =(

    Chicagoland and I are back on track. This most recent book that released in Feb. felt more like the first few books and the stupid back and forth between Ethan and Merit isn't happening like recently.

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