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Sabina Kane Series Read-a-long: Red-Headed Step Child by Jaye Wells

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Welcome to the first SABINA KANE series Read-a-long discussion this time around we will be talking about Red-Headed Stepchild. If you have read ahead in the series please remember to not spoil about future plot lines. To help with this I've come up with a few discussion points for us to talk about. Feel free to talk away in the comments and if you have posted a review for Red-Headed Stepchild leave a link for us to check out.

WARNING: if you have not read this book you might want to come back after reading since this discussion MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Favorite Quotes:

"I was left with no money and a bad case of crabs."

“Sure. What's the worst that could happen." 
Twenty minutes later, we had our answer. 
"I can't frecking believe this." I cringed. 
"I'm so sorry." "I'm bald!" Giguhl continued. "I look like a freak." 
"It's not that bad," I said. But it was. Oh, my lord was it bad. I'd never seen an uglier cat in my entire life.”

“My eyes bulged out of my head as I saw what rested between his hips. 
“Good Lord!” I said without thinking. A forked penis will do that to a girl. 
He glanced down at the appendage and smiled knowingly. “Once you go demon you never go back.”

Discussion Topics:
  • Compared to another "assassin" heroines where do you think Sabina stands? Does she stack up to the competition?
  • Who is your favorite secondary character?
  • Adam seems to be the clear love interest. What do you think about him? Hottie or Nottie?
  • Near the end when the other mages showed up, the leader almost called Sabina something. "If course, I'm sorry, it's just I hadn't expected to meet the chos-" Do you think he was going to call her the chosen one? If so what do you think that means?
  • How much do you think Adam really knows about Sabina?
  • What are your predictions for book 2?
  • All the talk of Lilith as a God-like figure for the vampire race made me think of the last season of True Blood.

Tell us what you think in the comments 
and feel free to leave a link to your review.

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  1. I adore that quote from Vinca (about the crabs). That whole page had me cracking up!

    1. Compared to other "assassin" heroines where do you think Sabina stands? Does she stack up to the competition?

    I think Sabina is pretty hard ass. We don't actually get to see her doing a lot of assassin-y stuff because she gets sent on the undercover mission, but it seems like her whole attitude, demeanor, and skills are on par with other UF assassin chicks. I'm curious what you guys that just read the Gin Blanco books think of her up against Gin.

    2. Who is your favorite secondary character?

    How did Giguhl become my answer to this question? At first he was slightly funny, slightly annoying, but as Sabina grew and they built an actual friendship I grew super attached to him!

    Adam seems to be the clear love interest. What do you think about him? Hottie or Nottie?

    Hottie! Although, we're going to half to see a lot more of him in the next books to establish a complete opinion. So far I like him though and I very much liked their 'lunge at each other' kissing scene in the car, lol!

    Near the end when the other mages showed up, the leader almost called Sabina something. "If course, I'm sorry, it's just I hadn't expected to meet the chos-" Do you think he was going to call her the chosen one? If so what do you think that means? How much do you think Adam really knows about Sabina?

    I combined these two questions. I don't really know what kind of "Chosen One" she might be. With the secret revealed about her birth toward the book's end, and her unusual tattoo, I think its obvious there is something special about her that she doesn't know yet, but I don't know what!

    What are your predictions for book 2?

    I'm hoping we see more of the mage's world and how it compares to the vampire world Sabina grew up in. I also want more romance between Sabina and Adam (obviously!) . And I want more Giguhl!?

    And about Lilith, I like when books/tv shows/movies use the Lilith myth as a basis for their world building because it grounds the story immediately in something I've heard of. I like the idea that Lilith was Adam's temptation in the Garden and that she is the ultimate mother of all paranormal creatures.

    P.S. - Is Adam's name deliberate...???

  2. I liked Savina well enough, but it didn't make it to my list of top heroines. Maybe in the next few few books...Will see. I didn't like how quickly she trusted people she just met.

    My favorite secondary character was Gighul, I really got a kick out of him.

    I think Adam is a hottie, but I need to know him a little bit more to form an emotional connection, I didn't get that in this book.

    I think they know a lot more about Savina. I do have a feeling she's a lot more than we have seen in this book, and even though, this tactic it's been done in so many other UF fantasies before I'm still very intrigued.
    I think Adam might already know this.

    I don't have any predictions, but I do hope I can feel a little more assertiveness on Savina's part, and I want to feel a lot more sexual tension between her and Adam.

    I did loved the different take on the Vampire world, and I diffidently enjoyed the action.

    And I totally agree with Goldilox, "Adam" might not be coincidental.

    1. I loved the apple twist in this vampire world. But I guess that is a play off the apple in the garden of Eden and Lilith thing.

      I've not read a vamp story where apples were deadly to them.

  3. Gin for the win! Sorry Sabina but so far Gin is way more bad ass.

    Giguhl is the best! I loved him from beginning to end. I hope he comes back for book 2. Looking ahead at the titles of the next books, I wonder if Green Eyed Demon is referring to him.

    Adam does have a hotness to him. But I think he knows a lot more about Sabina than he is telling and I don't think their relationship will be smooth sailing.

    I think we will get a good like at Sabina's sister in the next book. I think she will be The Mage in Black, wither she's good or not, I'm not sure. I think Sabina will be the "The Chosen One". Maybe she will be the one to lead the mages in what looks like war starting between the vamp and mages.

    Yeah I've read other paranormal books that talks about Lilith and/or Cane being the ones that started the vampire race. Its a cool way to use history/myth/region.

    1. I agree. Gin FTW!!! Lol. I know Sabina is an assassin but I wanted a little more action from her, to see what shes got.

      I love Giguhl....and have read book 2 so I can't reveal predictions.

  4. I actually did review this book in August 2010. Yes, I have known about this series for a while and adore it. Before you read my review you need to know that this was years before I started doing a lot of blogging. So I did everything in lists. Lol I mean I still do for some, but most of it is just lists of what I liked and what I didn’t. I was so excited to see that you were doing a read-along because I feel it doesn’t get the press it deserves.

    Now onto the questions.

    1. I adore Sabina. I think she is a strong female assassin who in this book is starting to put two and two together. In the books to come you will see more of what makes her, her. I would put her on par with Max from the Horngate Witches series by Diana Pharaoh Francis.

    2. Giguhl is my favorite hands down. The juicer incident is what won me over.

    "Is that all you bought?” His eyes shot to the left. “Um.” I clenched my teeth. “What else?” “A Super Mega Juicer,” he said quickly. “But, Sabina, seriously that juicer is a miracle machine.” “I’m a vampire, Giguhl. The only liquids I drink are blood and alcohol. I don’t do juice."

    3. I love Adam. I think he is a hottie and can’t wait for everyone to keep reading. I don’t want to give much away, so I will just leave it at that.

    4. Umm. I can’t really say because I know the answer. However, I do recommend having the second book on hand because you will want to know what happens next.

    5. I think Adam knew quite a bit about Sabina in certain ways. I think he is surprised by what exactly she can do, if that makes sense. It’s hard to not say too much, sorry.

    6. I enjoyed book 2 as well. I will reframe from talking about it.;)

    7. Yes! The Lilith thing is continuous and I love how it is put in. So interesting. But there is so much more to Sabina’s story.

    I think Adam’s name was an interesting choice. ;)

  5. All of Amanda's comments are so cryptic that I can't wait to read more! When I first started the book I was in the fence but by the end I actually really loved it and I e heard each book is better. I also like that you compared Sabina to the MC from Horngate Witches since I literally just bought that series!

    I also liked the thing about apple wood being what could kill vampires. It was a cool tie in to the apple from the Garden of Eden and I always like in vampire stories when it's a specific type of wood that kills them and not just any wood.

  6. 1. The only recent assassin type character I have read recently is Ismae from Grave Mercy (YA Teen Fantasy). And while Ismae is pretty badass, I think Sabina definitely wins. Her badassery combined with her smart-assery just makes me so happy.

    2. Giguhl! For sure. His humor is just wonderful.

    3. Hottie McHotPants is more like it. Whew. I love me some Adam.

    4. Definitely The Chosen One. Now as to what kind of Chosen One and for which world, I don't know. But I can't wait to find out.

    5. I'm sure he knows more about her than she thinks.

    6. I have no predictions. I just want to be surprised. I can't wait to see more of this world.

    7. I love everything to do with Lilith. Ever since Supernatural, I have been hooked on everyone's different takes on what creatures she produces.

    Ashley @ The Bibliophile's Corner

    1. I had Lilith from Supernatual on my mind too Ashley! She was too short-lived on that show, they could have had fun with that for much longer I think. But I like when the Lilith myth comes up in books and on shows/movies!

  7. Oh and I do like the Lilith origins....with the exception of TB I haven't read that yet.

    I liked Adam but I feel like he hasn't proven himself. I can't help it, I'm a romantic at heart. I need a little wooing. Lol.

  8. When I think of "assassin" characters, I immediately think of Gin. I think that Sabina had more humanity in her than Gin. Sabina wants to fit in with her family, but Gin is more confident in her standing with people and her abilities. I'm sure we'll see more of the "assassin" in Sabina to come.

    Oh, Gighyl for sure is my favorite secondary character! And when she made him bald, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. It was awesome!

    I think Adam is a hottie and I cannot wait for the relationship between him and Sabina to grow. As someone before me mentioned, that scene where they lunge at each other in the car was just plain great.

    Oh I'm sure the Mage was about to call her the Chosen one, but of what will be the question. Maybe the leader that brings the children of Lilith together?

    Adam knows a lot of Sabina's history, but I don't think he knows enough about her personality and how she will react to things. He still has much to learn.

    I don't actually have predictions, but what I WANT is to meet Sabina's sister, bring Gighyl back for a lot of the book and see some romance going between Sabina and Adam. Oh and some more kickassery. I liked the writing style of the fight scenes that there were and can't wait for more.

    When I heard the Lilith myth, I had to look it up. I had heard about it on True Blood and was really curious as to what exactly this myth was. I am such a nerd. Two more on the TBR before Mage in Black, can NOT wait. In fact, downloaded it already so it is just sitting there waiting for me.

    1. I have a black cat and while I was reading I kept looking at her to picture what she would look like with out fur. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by to talk about the book. Hope to see you in the months to follow with the rest of the read a long.


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