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Audio Review: Buckhorn Beginnings by Lori Foster

Buckhorn Beginnings
by Lori Foster
(Buckhorn Brothers #1 & 2)
Isabelle Gordon, Narrator

The only doctor in Buckhorn County, Kentucky, Sawyer Hudson knows a thing or two about saving lives. But when he rescues the beautiful Honey Malone from a car wreck and nurses her to health at his home, he finds himself dreading the day she's well enough to leave. Because now that he's met the woman of his dreams, he's not about to let her go....


Buckhorn's big, bad sheriff, Morgan Hudson, wants a wife--one who's even-tempered, undemanding and content with small-town life. So why can't he stop thinking about brazen Misty Malone? The dark-haired city girl is downright aggravating--not to mention she's found herself on the wrong side of the law. But though she may not be perfect, Morgan is hell-bent on convincing her they'd be perfect together!

I grabbed Buckhorn Beginnings on audio a few months back when it was on sale at and was saving it for a rainy day. So when I was starting to get a little burn out on all the UF books I've been reading and listening to I knew it was time to dust this one off. 

It was just want I needed. Not one but two sweet and sexy contemporary stories in one audio. Buckhorn Beginnings is my first Lori Foster experience and before I was halfway through it I ran over to audible and grabbed the next audio, Forever Buckhorn. I knew I had to hear the other sexy brothers' stories.

Foster knows how to write a sweet, emotional and sexy story. And the fact that the Hudson family has 4 sexy brothers is a real treat. 


Sawyer's story was a very sweet story about a normal town doctor living with his brothers and raising a son. His world gets turned up side down when a pretty little blonde wrecks her car on his property and he takes her in to nurse her back to good health. It was lust at first site for Sawyer but while he takes care of Honey, he starts having feelings for the stranger. 

Sawyer's story is also as a touch of suspenxe to it as well. Honey is running from something or someone. Sawyer will stop at nothing to found out more about the beautiful blonde that has stole his heart.


In the second story about Morgan we get to see this hard as nail town sheriff fall in love. And it's a site to see. The bigger and tougher they are, the hard they fall and Morgan is no exception.

I knew when we find out in Sawyer's story that Honey had a sister that she would hook up with one of the other Hudson brothers but I was not expecting it to be Morgan. 
Just like her sister, Misty has a secret when she comes to the Hudson ranch. While Misty is visiting Honey, she finds herself the center of attention among the other Hudson brothers. Everyone but Misty and Morgan know that she is off limits though. See everyone can see the two have a connection even if they don't want to see it.

After fighting their attraction to each other, Misty and Morgan start working together in Morgan's sheriff office. Morgan might look and act like a bear, but Misty starts seeing the caring and loving man he is on the inside. One thing leads to another and the two find themselves in love.

I can't wait to start the next audio, Forever Buckhorn to find out more about the other brothers, Gabe and Jordan.

Narration Note: Isabelle Gordon is the first female narrator I've listened to where I like her male voices better than her female voices. She does a good job with both but her males are one of the best I've heard a female do. I also like that her "reading" voice is different than her voice for the dialogue. Some narrators do not change their voice enough so you can tell when they are reading the non dialogue parts of a book but Gordon does a really good job with this. I never once thought, is someone saying that or is it their thoughts.

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