Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quickie Review: Bloodwine by Cera DuBois

by Cera DuBois 
Short Story Approx 25 pages 

Fifty years of war with the humans and the loss of his lifemate has jaded newly crowned vampire King Darius Constantinos. At a reception for the new king, the beautiful Queen Anastasia approaches Darius with an offer he can’t accept without betraying his heart, but how can he refuse the peace she promises?


Bloodwine is a short story at approximately 25 pages. I have become a huge fan of short stories and novellas lately since I life has been so busy. If you enjoy quick reads or just don't have the time to dedicate to a full length novel, you should pick this up.

Darius has just been crowned the king of the vampires in the U.S. and it is at his coronation party that he and Queen Anastasia meet up. Darius was once her person guard and even though they were attracted to each other social standing kept them separate. Now, hundreds of years after they first met, they can be together.

I must say that Ms. DuBois did a fantastic job with this short story. She has done more with 25 pages than some authors can do with 25 chapters. This snippet of paranormal romance was wonderful and it left me wanting more. So, if you are busy and/or stressed out and did a little reading fix, download this to your e-reader.


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