Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Queen of #AADSAV Stella Price Stops By

Please help me welcome the amazing lady that makes Authors After Dark happen, Ms. Stella Price!

For those of you that do not know, Stella not only works her butt off every year to get AAD done (with the help of her awesome team) but she also is an author. Busy lady!

  • Stella you write within the paranormal world. Could you please give us little taste as to what creatures you like to write about? 

Well Audra and I are not a fan of the norm. There is a reason why we write “risk taking” romance. We have written Weresnakes, Saytrs, Demons, witches, dragons, fallen and unicorns, as well as gods, Devas, Genies and jenai.

  • You also have a writing partner. What’s it like writing with your sister, Audra? Speaking of Audra, well we get to see her at AAD this year? 

Writing with a partner has to be done with someone that “gets” you, and luckily Audra and I share a mind LOL. I love writing with her and I think it comes through in the works. As to her coming to AAD this year, I’m hoping yes, depending on how well the sales are this year. Since we only travel off our royalties, no royalties mean no visits and I’m praying we do well as I haven’t seen my sister since 2008.

  • You just had a new release last month, Something Darker, what’s the smut level (cuz I’m all about the smut LOL). Can we expect some smoking scenes? 

Yes. LOL. Theres actually a HIGH level of smut, but it’s done in a more casual way. Syrus (the lead hero) is very sexual and the villain, hoo lord he's always screwing LOL.

  • I have seen on Twitter and Facebook where you have visited the AADSAV hotel a lot in prep for this year’s convention. I’ve never been to Savannah, what sites, restaurants or shopping places would you recommend to convention goers like me that is new to the city and will be coming early to site see as well as attending AAD? 

Ooh well…. Savannah is great. Luckily the hotel is close to everything, and in walking distance of all the cool stuff. We are going to have a huge list of awesome stuff for you to do and places where the con got some special coupons and such. I don’t wanna say too much yet, lol. But let’s see.. I suggest hitting up the Pirates House (10 feet from the hotel) to eat and get some great drinks… And Savannah has no open container laws either!

  • I loved AADNOLA last year and can’t wait for AADSAV. Can you tell us a few things that will be new for this year? 

A Vampire ball, Elemental Ball, Bouncy castle, a few new vendors, Self Publishing expo, a bunch of mini parties done by authors… its going to be INSANE!

  • AAD helps sponsor an animal charity. Can you tell us more about the charity and how can someone go about donating ideas for the gift baskets that is raffled off? 

Jasper Animal Rescue Mission is our amazing charity. They are from South Carolina, and they are where we got our amazing dog Piggy from. Such great people, they really do all they can for animals and I love being an volunteer for them. They will have a table at the con this year as well so you will get a chance to talk to the people and see all the awesome they do first hand. The raffle is great and I take ALL baskets for it. Its very simple, you bring the basket to us at the con OR contact me personally to send one if you are not attending. We look for anything people would want, and we are hoping to raise 5k for them this year.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your super busy schedule to answer a few questions. I can’t wait to see you again at AADSAV. You and your team do an extraordinary job. Keep up the great work.

Bi-continental, Stella and Audra break all misconceptions about siblings. Writing as a team they have produced well over eighteen novels as well as several novella's and short stories. And nary an argument has come from it.

On their off time from writing, Audra is a makeup artist and Stella is a graphic artist and web designer, as well as the convention director for the Authors After Dark convention. They both love animals and have several including several snakes and a peacock.

Audra lives in Scotland with her husband and children, while Stella Lives in South Carolina with her dogs Moo and Poe and her husband.

Have you registered for AAD yet? 


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  1. Great interview! I love their Eververse series.


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