Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: Planning for Love by Christi Barth

Planning for Love 
By Christi Barth 
Book #1 in the Aisle Bound series 

Hopeless romantic Ivy Rhodes and anti-Cupid Bennett Westcott request the pleasure of your company for their disaster of a courtship. Wedding planner Ivy Rhodes is the best in the business, and she's not about to let a personal problem stop her from getting ahead. So when she's asked to star in the reality TV show Planning for Love, it doesn't matter that the show's videographer happens to be a recent—and heartbreaking—one-night stand.

Bennett Westcott admits he didn't handle his encounter with Ivy very well. But looking at her beautiful smile—and great body—through a camera lens every day? He can't be faulted for suggesting they have some no-strings fun.

The more time they spend together, the more Ben realizes Ivy isn't the wedding-crazed bridezilla he'd imagined. But if he doesn't trust himself to make a relationship last, how can he convince Ivy to give him another chance?

At the beginning of this story, I was pretty certain that Ivy Rhodes, all pink and girly and glass waaaaay half full, was going to eventually get on my nerves. She is in love with love and is committed to having her brides get the most perfect experience on their wedding days. But, it eventually became clear that, while she seemed a bit starry-eyed and simplistic, Ivy lives what she speaks. Behind all that froth is a woman who is extraordinary at what she does because she believes in herself and would do anything to have her brides' days be perfection.

Ben Westcott has plenty of reason to be cynical and his pairing with Ivy at first seemed headed for eventual disaster. But, even he couldn't resist her pull as she was a real force to be reckoned with. Eventually, he could see the grit and determination of Ivy underneath the girly exterior and you had to admire how she was a stand for her beliefs. Their group of friends, all somewhat connected to the business, added comic relief as well as intrigue for coming stories.

I couldn't believe that Ivy had won me over in the end and she will you if look closely and see what really lies beneath. She handled Ben and his cynicism about love and romance, their banter being one of the highlights of the story. I enjoyed the story, the romance and being slain by Ivy.


  1. I love what you say about Ivy being 'glass waaaaay half full' because that sometimes CAN be annoying, but it is fun that Ben could deal with it. Nice review. :)


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