Monday, April 1, 2013

What the Feck (WTF): PNR Warriors, Over Them?

What the Feck?! (WTF?!) 
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that had us thinking WTF?! while reading a book 
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Paranormal Romance Warriors
Am I over them? Or do we just need a break?

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

BDB was my first adult PNR series. I loved it and could not get enough. After I read the 2nd book, Lover Eternal, I ran out and bought the next two books knowing that I would want to read them ASAP. After I got caught up on the series with Lover Enshrined I had to wait for the new release, Lover Avenged (2009). While I waited I looked around for another series to fill the void.

Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian

After reading on Shelfari that the Midnight Breed series was similar to BDB I had to check it out. True there were similarities in that the series is about a group of vampire warriors, brothers in arms so to speak. The vampire mythology was different but the basic feel was there. Each book was about a different warrior finding their breedmate and a series arc plot that continued with each book. 

Feral Warriors by Pamlea Plamer

Then came the same idea but with shaper shifter warriors. Still good, not quite on the level with BDB but entertaining and filled with hot warriors being tamed by their mates. 

Sentinel Wars by Shannon K. Butcher

Butcher's series again depicts a band of warriors fighting for the good of the world and being brought heel by their mates. Sexy and action filled like the others. The series has it's own mythology different from vamps and shifters. This time around I was dealing with demons, vampires (different kind) and magical being. 

Lords of the Underworld by Gen Showalter

Yet another series of warriors. These warriors have demons trapped in their bodies and like others they live in a large compound with each other. They all find their mate with each book.

Each of the series have their own rules and mythologys. Each author crafts great characters and uses interesting world building. BUT after so many series with the same basic plot when it comes to the romance part they all just blur together.

I love pizza. I say I could eat it everyday. But in reality I would get sick of it if I did. Same holds true to with my reading. I need to stop glutting myself on these types of series. And pick one or two to stick with and leave the others on the buffet table for others to enjoy.

But do I pick the pepperoni, meatlovers or supreme? All are very tasty but which ones satisfies me more?

The answer is supreme (BDB) and meatlovers (Midnight Breeds). Both are tasty and filling and leaves me satisfy after each helping. The others are great but they are giving me heartburn.

I've stopped reading Feral Warriors at book 5 with book 6 sitting on my bookcase.

With Sentinel Wars I have two books looking at me from my shelf.

The lastest series I tried was the  LotU and while in the middle of reading the first book I came to the decision that I need to push my chair way from the table and eat a salad to cleanse my taste buds before reading Lover at Last. I'm afraid that my deep seeded heartburn will have me going into it with acid reflux and pick it to death.

So I am taking a break from the warriors. But I'm not writting them off completely yet. I just need to take a break from them before they kill my love of the two I really want to continue, BDB and Midnight Breeds.

Because after all, at some point that pepperoni is going to look again.

What book premise is giving you hearburn?
Do you just take an antacid and keep reading 
or do you change your reading diet?


  1. I definitely get tired of reading too many PNR books. Regardless of the plot or the supes; I find that they all kinda blend together after a while which isn't the case with UF. I constantly go back-and-forth between the two genres to help keep things fresh and if I'm really not feeling it, I'll try YA or erotica.

    1. I've been using Contemporary Romance as my go to when I get in a PNR or even UF funk. But yeah UF is better since the romance builds over a series.

      One reason I've not started Lover at Last yet is because I'm in a PNR funk so I want to wait til I'm out of it so that it doesn't taint my view of the book.

  2. Great Post!! Personally...I've only done BDB (my first and ONLY love) and Midnight Breed (filler- they're so so)! I've had several of those other serious on my TBR but have heard they are similar and never really got around to them. I guess there wasn't a pressing need.

    I think more generally speaking people are getting heartburn from PNR as a whole and trying to FINALLY venture out into other genres.

    1. Yeah, that's what got me into trying Contemporary. Just need a break from time to time.

  3. I like to mix my PNR reading with a little UF or other genres. The BDB series is the exception to the rule in my book, I can read them back to back without getting bored, but I can see how reading "that kind" of book could put someone in a reading funk after a while, too much of the same thing. If I read a PNR book or series I try to follow it with an UF with a kick ass heroine to create a little diversity. Sticking to this let's me come back to my PNR warriors without hating the series or genre.

  4. I was burnt out with PNR last year which is the reason I went to Contemporary Romance. I agree...all those men just all start to blend together. I'm still in my Contemp kick but I did make exceptions to KMM and Ward. I will drop whatever it is I am doing to read their books.

    After reading Lover At Last I did get a craving for PNR but all I can really stand right right is BDB. I can read those books over and over again and not get bored. And I listen to the audiobooks contantsly. I can't tell you how many times I've read/heard each story but it's just as exciting as the first time.

  5. I am lucky--I am a mood reader so no one genre or subgenre sticks with me long enough that I get tired of them. I guess in a way, I am constantly "on a break" with any number of genres or character types. Right now, I am not for the sweet romance guys. I need them more edgy. I know summer will come though and I will want that sweet romance that makes me giggle :)

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