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#AADSAV Hanna Martine Stops By

Introduce yourself to our readers:

Hi there! I'm Hanna and I love to write sexy books. (chorus: Hi, Hanna). I'm a travel fiend, addicted to new experiences and places and cultures. I am neither extrovert nor introvert, needing to be both at various points in my life. While I live in the suburbs of Chicago and claim to hate suburban life, I do need my private outdoor space and would probably suffocate in the city I so dearly love. I have a wonderful five year-old daughter whom I live for and a hysterically funny husband of twelve years.

Tell us a little about your books?

I write two difference series for Penguin/Berkley Sensation: the Elementals (paranormal romance) and the Highland Games (contemporary romance).

The Elementals follows the different races who command the classic elements: earth, air, water, fire, spirit. They live in secret in the modern day, carefully circling around each other while trying to co-exist with humans. The first book, LIQUID LIES, is about Gwen, the future leader of the water elementals and Reed, the human mercenary who kidnaps her. The follow-up, A TASTE OF ICE, is about Xavier, an escaped magic slave, and Cat, the sweet water elemental who doesn't know what she is. A novella, "No Surprise More Magical," was recently published in the anthology UNBOUND, and it follows David and Kelsey, two water elementals with a broken arranged marriage dealing with the aftermath of LIQUID LIES. I'm writing the third book, DROWNING IN FIRE, right now and it will come out in 2014. I love writing paranormal romances for their serious issues, sweeping conflict, and the absolutely scorching hot love scenes.

The Highland Games books are completely different. They are fun, flirty and really sexy. Set against the backdrop of the modern-day Scottish Highlands Games taking place in summertime New England, the books follow the life and loves of some outstanding characters involved in the games' production. The first book, LONG SHOT, is about Jen, a big NYC event planner who returns to the small New Hampshire town of her youth to save the local Highland Games, only to come up against Leith, the local athletic hero who's won the games three years in a row but has since hung up his kilt. I am sooooooo excited to get this book into readers' hands! It releases October 1, 2013.

The second Highland Games book will be about Shea, the country's foremost whiskey expert, and Byrne, a Wall Street money guy during the week and a rugby bruiser on the weekend. That will release in 2014.

I see you are no stranger to book conventions but is this your first AAD convention?

It is! I had heard amazing things about AAD over the years. Right after the publication of my first book, LIQUID LIES, I contacted AAD about being a Featured Author in 2013 and was so thrilled to have been chosen. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with readers in person and meeting some of my favorite authors too. Readers are wonderful, wonderful human beings and I live to make them smile.

Since you write about elementals do you plan on dressing up for the Elemental Ball? If so what elemental will you pick?

I do plan on dressing up! I am one of the hosting authors for the Elemental ball and I will be on FIRE. I have no idea what that means yet, but I'll think of something.

Have you ever been to Savannah, GA? If so any site seeing a newbie needs to see? Any favorite local restaurant?

I visited Savannah on a day trip over a decade ago. I remember the tiny, lushly green squares dotting the historical areas, and the hanging moss that is just so uniquely Southern and utterly foreign to my Midwestern eyes. We wandered through giant antiques warehouses, ogling at the gorgeous things we'd never be able to afford. I distinctly recall drooling over a Victorian style bar that was complete with shelves, stained glass windows and bar stools, and was bigger than my entire living room.

Do you have any site seeing plans while in Savannah?

I literally have had no time to plan anything yet! Since I'm headed to a bunch of different conferences and conventions this year, I've been tackling them one at a time. In July I'll start looking into places I want to see. I love historical spots. Any suggestions?

Some quickie questions:

Favorite adult beverage?

All of them? Hehe. If pressed--if I absolutely had to choose--I'd go with beer. Hoppy India Pale Ales are my favorite, porters and red ales a close second. But never, ever the watered-down lager that passes for beer in America. I own a tank top that says: "Real women don't drink light beer." Amen.

Favorite singer?

I seem to favor the Irish. For men, I adore Bono. If he showed up at my house saying, "Come on, let's go" I wouldn't even grab my toothbrush. My husband understands this. For women, Sinead O'Connor possesses the most powerful, deeply emotional voice I've ever experienced. I own everything she's ever put out, and her sound still gives me chills.

Favorite vacation spot?

A tough one because I dislike returning to the same place over and over. I have a wandering soul and I thrive on new experiences. Favorite trips ever include Scotland, the Big Island of Hawaii, Western Australia, and Las Vegas.

Hanna Martine left a decade of office work in order to show her daughter what it meant to go after one's dream. She loves bar stools, books, travel and her friends. Though she and her family live outside Chicago, her heart resides in Australia.

You can find Hanna online at:
Website - Twitter: @Hanna_Martine - Facebook

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