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Review: Master of Desire by Kinley MacGregor

Master of Desire
by Kinley MacGregor 
(Brotherhood/MacAllister #1) 
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A Dream of Desire Awakened . . .

Beautiful Lady Emily dreams of the rapture of love and the joys of marriage. The youngest daughter of an English lord at war, she is shaken by the arrival of a mysterious stranger to her father's castle. Could this breathtaking man be Emily's yearned-for lover? Indeed, Draven de Montague, Earl of Ravenswood, has come for Emily . . . but romance has nothing to do with it.

In the Tender Embrace of an Enemy . . .

Draven would never have entered the home of his most hated adversary had not the King himself ordered him to take in his foe's daughter for a year to forge bonds of peace between their two feuding houses. Worse still, here is a lass whose exquisite loveliness could tempt Draven to betray his sworn vow never to let anther close to his heart. Emily knows the searing heat of her passion could burn down the defenses of this proud warrior. But will the surrender of the sweet nectar of his lips and his bold, sensuous caress ignite a blaze so hot it consumes them both?

The King's champion, Draven de Montague Earl of Ravenswood, is feared by all. His prowess as a warrior are legendary. His honor means absolutely everything to him and he believed giving his oath not to touch his ward in rage or lust would be easy.

Lady Emily has lived a sheltered life, cloistered in a castle by her overprotective father. When she learns that she is being sent to live with her father's enemy, Earl Ravenswood, for a year she does not fret. Wanting nothing more than to live her life, find love, and have children of her own, she seizes the chance to get from under her father's thumb.

Draven and Emily's attraction is instant, the heat between them is delicious. From the start, Emily is determined to make Draven hers, while he is determined to have nothing to do with despite his feelings. He had given his word to the king and knows that loving her could get him killed.

I loved Emily's character. She was determined to have Draven - even told him her plan - and she never wavered. Draven was the typical warrior, with a tortured past. I really just wanted to give him a hug.  I gave this book 3 stars because I felt it dragged and took too long to draw the entire story together. i.e. the issues with Emily's sister and fiance, the raids that Emily's father claims Draven has been conducting, etc. I don't want to add any spoilers... Overall, this was a great historical read and nice change of pace from the typical regency era romance.

I would recommend this book and this author to any lover of historical romance. I've read many of Kinley MacGregors books and I haven't come across one I don't like. Also, I think I should add that Kinley Mac Gregor is also Sherrilyn Kenyon, author of the Dark Hunter Series - paranormal romance .


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