Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: The Newcomer by Robyn Carr

The Newcomer
By Robyn Carr
Thunder Point #2

I hadn't planned to read this for at least another three weeks but I just couldn't wait. My instincts were so right!

The Setup
This isn't a series where each story has one central conflict and one significant romance that wraps neatly at the end of the book. There a quite a few characters whose lives are connected either by familial ties, friendship or through the relationships of their children. Most are single parents or are filling that role and are trying to manage a romance while dealing with adult situations and the challenges faced by their teenaged children.

The Issues
Mac and Gina are trying to find time to be with each other though they still haven't quite clued their children in on the change in their relationship from good friends to lovers, well in love:) Both had their children when they were really young (Gina was 16 and Mac was 20) and are both pretty young. His oldest daughter, Eve, is Gina's daughter, Ashley's best friend. Ashley is going through a major turmoil because of her boyfriend and the issues are scary. Gina hasn't seen or heard from Ashley's father since before she was born and now may need to reach out to him. Mac's ex-wife suddenly shows up following a 10-year absence after having abandoned him with three little children at the time.

More Issues
Cooper, the earlier wanderer, is settling into Thunder Point and has finished renovating the beach bar. He's ready to have a lasting commitment with Sarah, the Coast Guard pilot whose job may create issues not only for them but her 16 year old brother, Landon. He's the high school standout quarterback, getting ready for his senior year and hopefully college scouts with scholarship money. Landon is also deeply involved with his girlfriend, Eve; yes, that's Mac's daughter. Cooper also gets stunning news that may turn his life upside down, as well as Sarah's, who still has commitment issues stemming from her last marriage.

I think you get the picture. What happens in one relationship has an impact on so many others in large and small ways. There were a lot of young adult issues presented in the story that were portrayed in YA and adult points of view, giving more power to the story. I know these people, care about them and am rooting for a good outcome.

I never found a good stopping point so I kept reading until I fell asleep in the wee hours and resumed when I woke up. As satisfying as the ending was, it was disappointing to have it come to a close. I won't delude myself when the third book is released...I'll plan to read it as soon as I get my hands on it. As much as I love the Virgin River series, the loves and lives of the residents of Thunder Point have captured my heart.


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