Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: A Risk Worth Taking by Victoria James

A Risk Worth Taking
By Victoria James
Red River #1

Holly Carrington worked hard to finally make a name for herself as an interior designer with one of the top firms in the country. On the day she was promoted, she got that awful phone call, learning that her sister and brother-in-law were killed in a car accident, leaving her as guardian to their six-month old daughter Ella. Holly had arranged to take two months off to help her sister renovate their grandmother’s house in her home town in Red River, not far from Toronto where she currently lives. Now she was left to complete the project but had no plans to keep the property. Plus, she was in no hurry to face Quinn Manning, the man who rejected her ten years ago and was handling the renovation (he runs his family’s building construction company).

This ended up being a bittersweet romance as Holly struggled to deal with the loss of her last relative, learn to take care of an infant and keep her career afloat. She never got over Quinn and he’s ready to pursue a relationship and wants her back in Red River for good. What I loved about the story is that it didn’t fall into the trap of Holly not knowing how to keep all the balls in the air but focused on her emotional turmoil around so much loss. Her fear of commitment made sense as a part of her closed down to protect herself. That included Ella, who she loved dearly but related to her as an aunt instead of what she was destined to be, her mother.

It’s a simple story and one I really enjoyed. Quinn is highly appealing as he is committed to not only Holly but little Ella. There were lots of heartwarming moments as they not only bonded with each other but with this charming little baby.  So, if you’re in the mood for a sweet story set in a small town with a romance that heats up rather nicely (and hotly), try out this book. I’m already looking forward to going back there when Quinn’s brother, Jake, and Holly’s best friend Claire, are center stage.




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