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Review: A Taste of You by Sorcha Grace

A Taste of You
By Sorcha Grace
The Epicurean #1

The promotion for this book compares it to Fifty Shades of Gray and Bared to You, which had me reluctant to read it. In fact, I agreed to do so before I knew about the comparison.

While there are certainly some common themes, the story has a very different vibe that sets it apart in my opinion.

Similarities to 50 Shades and Bared
William Lambourne is über wealthy, is somewhat secretive and is gorgeous. That's about it as he's has none of Christian's cruelty or Gideon's stalker-like behaviors. He's pretty normal in most aspects and any over the top behaviors would fit someone in his lifestyle. Catherine Kelly is about the same age of Ana and Eva but has a successful career independent of William's life.

The Set Up
Catherine and William meet when she shows up as the replacement for another injured photographer at a food shoot for a new restaurant scheduled for opening in Chicago. Their connection and attraction is immediate and he seeks her out.  She's fairly new to the city, escaping the heartache of a tragic past in Santa Cruz. She's not sure she's ready to be in a relationship, especially with someone as complicated and puzzling as William.

The Issues
William runs hot and cold, keeping Catherine off balance at a time when it's the last thing she needs. Catherine has a tendency to bail whenever his commitment to her appears questionable. They have an amazing sexual attraction and it gets in the way of their communication.

What Works Well
Both Catherine's best friend, Beckett, and William are amazing cooks and some really
delectable dishes are served up regularly, stimulating your appetite often. I had never heard of an Aga stove and now I want one!!! The difference, though, is William incorporates his epicurean talents into his bedroom (or kitchen floor!) romps and it is erotic!  William has some really creative moves and it was definitely a highlight. Catherine's young and her reactions sometimes are fitting for her level of experience. She's not naive and brings out better behavior from William. You get that he cares deeply for her but can be insensitive to how he comes across. The story is interesting and so is Catherine. She's the one with a complicated past. And, this book has the best, most sexy cover!

What Doesn't Work Quite as Well
Catherine has a really great best friend that is interesting in his own right but is really made to be a sidekick for the story. Beckett certainly could have shown up with more of a life while being the dutiful best friend. He's pretty amazing and the relationship wasn't balanced. Catherine's frequent pronouncements that she and William were over got a little old after awhile.

The Bottom Line
I enjoyed the story, Catherine's interesting backstory and William's talent in combining food and sex.  They've done most of the hard work in creating relationship and the shocker at the end seems to pivot the story in a different (and intriguing) direction. The characters are really likeable and both are on equal footing in the relationship, even though William's used to getting his way but Catherine holds her own capably. I like where the series seems to be heading and am along for the ride.



About the Author

Sorcha Grace is an adventurous eater, beach lover and author of scorching contemporary erotic romance. She is also the nom de plume of a nationally bestselling author who publishes in another romance genre. Visit her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
Twitter: @SorchaGrace


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