Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#AADSAV Author on Author Action Part Two With Kristen Painter & Amanda Carlson

This time around Amanda is interviewing Kristen.
If you missed Author on Author Action last time check it out HERE.

This is your 3rd AAD, what do you love best about going? 

I love all the reader interaction, the pace of the conference which allows for fun to be had and real connections to be made and of course, seeing old friends too!

LAST BLOOD comes out July 30th (YAY!). Can you give a teensy teaser? 

Um...lots of fun stuff happens? No? Not good enough? I can tell you this more cliffhangers! And I think the ending will make readers really happy.

What does your writing day look like? Do you write best in the morning? 

I actually write best in the late afternoon and early evening, but when I'm in the zone or closing in on a deadline, I write from about 10 am to 6 pm. Sometimes later.

You've had some really fun jobs in your lifetime. If you weren't a writer right this second, what would you feel like doing? 

Wow, that's a tough one. I really love this job. It's hard to imagine doing anything else. Wait, I know! Professional shopper. That's a thing, right?

You have some exciting things in the works. What's next for you? 

A brand new series! Set in the same world as the House of Comarre series, Crescent City is set in New Orleans and focuses on the fae. There will be some crossover characters too. The first book, House of the Rising Sun, releases May 2014.

Kristen & Amanda at AADNOLA
Other than buying me drinks every night, where are we likely to find you at AAD? 

Hanging out with the cool people. ;o)

I'm wardrobe challenged, so what do you recommend I bring to AAD? 

I'm thinking maxi dresses and flip-flops. That's my new jam.

A little about Kristen: I'm a former college English teacher, but I’ve held a crazy mix of other jobs including maitre’d for Wolfgang Puck, personal trainer, and sales for Christian Dior Bijoux. On the writing side of things, I’m a two-time Golden Heart finalist and have been on the board of three different RWA chapters. What can I say? I like getting involved. I’m not adverse to bossing people around lender cash advance. 

My forays into writing have been as varied as the jobs I’ve held. I’ve written poetry, articles for magazines, short stories, paranormal romances (that include fantasy, contemporary and steampunk genres) and now I’ve found a home with urban fantasy. I love worldbuilding and few genres give you the kind of license urban fantasy does.

Find out more about Kristen and her books online at:



  1. What a great interview! You guys are going to have a blast :)

  2. Based on those two photos, you'd like I only wear leopard print. For the record, I also wear black. ;o)

  3. I am so excited for AAD! This was a great interview.


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